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The Scarecrow Takes Time to Think
"It seems to me," began the Scarecrow, when all were again assembled in the throne
room, "that the girl Jinjur is quite right in claiming to be Queen. And if she is right, then I
am wrong, and we have no business to be occupying her palace."
"But you were the King until she came," said the Woggle-Bug, strutting up and down
with his hands in his pockets; "so it appears to me that she is the interloper instead of
"Especially as we have just conquered her and put her to flight," added the Pumpkinhead,
as he raised his hands to turn his face toward the Scarecrow.
"Have we really conquered her?" asked the Scarecrow, quietly. "Look out of the window,
and tell me what you see." Tip ran to the window and looked out.
"The palace is surrounded by a double row of girl soldiers," he announced.
"I thought so," returned the Scarecrow. "We are as truly their prisoners as we were before
the mice frightened them from the palace."
"My friend is right," said Nick Chopper, who had been polishing his breast with a bit of
chamois-leather. "Jinjur is still the Queen, and we are her prisoners."
"But I hope she cannot get at us," exclaimed the Pumpkinhead, with a shiver of fear. "She
threatened to make tarts of me, you know."
"Don't worry," said the Tin Woodman. "It cannot matter greatly. If you stay shut up here
you will spoil in time, anyway. A good tart is far more admirable than a decayed
"Very true," agreed the Scarecrow.
"Oh, dear!" moaned Jack; "what an unhappy lot is mine! Why, dear father, did you not
make me out of tin -- or even out of straw -- so that I would keep indefinitely."
"Shucks!" returned Tip, indignantly. "You ought to be glad that I made you at all." Then
he added, reflectively, "everything has to come to an end, some time."
"But I beg to remind you," broke in the Woggle-Bug, who had a distressed look in his
bulging, round eyes, "that this terrible Queen Jinjur suggested making a goulash of me --
Me! the only Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated Woggle-Bug in the wide, wide
"I think it was a brilliant idea," remarked the Scarecrow, approvingly.