The Marvelous Land of Oz HTML version

Mr. H. M. Woggle-Bug, T. E.
Now, General Jinjur -- who, you will remember, commanded the Army of Revolt -- was
rendered very uneasy by the escape of the Scarecrow from the Emerald City. She feared,
and with good reason, that if his Majesty and the Tin Woodman Joined forces, it would
mean danger to her and her entire army; for the people of Oz had not yet forgotten the
deeds of these famous heroes, who had passed successfully through so many startling
So Jinjur sent post-haste for old Mombi, the witch, and promised her large rewards if she
would come to the assistance of the rebel army.
Mombi was furious at the trick Tip had played upon her as well as at his escape and the
theft of the precious Powder of Life; so she needed no urging to induce her to travel to
the Emerald City to assist Jinjur in defeating the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, who
had made Tip one of their friends.
Mombi had no sooner arrived at the royal palace than she discovered, by means of her
secret magic, that the adventurers were starting upon their Journey to the Emerald City;
so she retired to a small room high up in a tower and locked herself in while she practised
such arts as she could command to prevent the return of the Scarecrow and his
That was why the Tin Woodman presently stopped and said:
"Something very curious has happened. I ought to know by heart and every step of this
Journey, yet I fear we have already lost our way."
"That is quite impossible!" protested the Scarecrow. "Why do you think, my dear friend,
that we have gone astray?"
"Why, here before us is a great field of sunflowers -- and I never saw this field before in
all my life."
At these words they all looked around, only to find that they were indeed surrounded by a
field of tall stalks, every stalk bearing at its top a gigantic sunflower. And not only were
these flowers almost blinding in their vivid hues of red and gold, but each one whirled
around upon its stalk like a miniature wind-mill, completely dazzling the vision of the
beholders and so mystifying them that they knew not which way to turn.
"It's witchcraft!" exclaimed Tip.
While they paused, hesitating and wondering, the Tin Woodman uttered a cry of
impatience and advanced with swinging axe to cut down the stalks before him. But now
the sunflowers suddenly stopped their rapid whirling, and the travelers plainly saw a girl's
face appear in the center of each flower. These lovely faces looked upon the astonished