The Marvelous Land of Oz HTML version

A Nickel-Plated Emperor
Tip awoke soon after dawn, but the Scarecrow had already risen and plucked, with his
clumsy fingers, a double-handful of ripe berries from some bushes near by. These the boy
ate greedily, finding them an ample breakfast, and afterward the little party resumed its
After an hour's ride they reached the summit of a hill from whence they espied the City of
the Winkies and noted the tall domes of the Emperor's palace rising from the clusters of
more modest dwellings.
The Scarecrow became greatly animated at this sight, and exclaimed:
"How delighted I shall be to see my old friend the Tin Woodman again! I hope that he
rules his people more successfully than I have ruled mine!"
Is the Tin Woodman the Emperor of the Winkies?" asked the horse.
"Yes, indeed. They invited him to rule over them soon after the Wicked Witch was
destroyed; and as Nick Chopper has the best heart in all the world I am sure he has
proved an excellent and able emperor."
"I thought that 'Emperor' was the title of a person who rules an empire," said Tip, "and
the Country of the Winkies is only a Kingdom."
"Don't mention that to the Tin Woodman!" exclaimed the Scarecrow, earnestly. "You
would hurt his feelings terribly. He is a proud man, as he has every reason to be, and it
pleases him to be termed Emperor rather than King."
"I'm sure it makes no difference to me," replied the boy.
The Saw-Horse now ambled forward at a pace so fast that its riders had hard work to
stick upon its back; so there was little further conversation until they drew up beside the
palace steps.
An aged Winkie, dressed in a uniform of silver cloth, came forward to assist them to
alight. Said the Scarecrow to his personage:
"Show us at once to your master, the Emperor."
The man looked from one to another of the party in an embarrassed way, and finally
"I fear I must ask you to wait for a time. The Emperor is not receiving this morning."
"How is that?" enquired the Scarecrow, anxiously." I hope nothing has happened to him."