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10. The Journey to the Tin Woodman
Tip was well soaked and dripping water from every angle of his body. But he managed to
lean forward and shout in the ear of the Saw-Horse:
"Keep still, you fool! Keep still!"
The horse at once ceased struggling and floated calmly upon the surface, its wooden body
being as buoyant as a raft.
"What does that word 'fool' mean?" enquired the horse.
"It is a term of reproach," answered Tip, somewhat ashamed of the expression. "I only
use it when I am angry."
"Then it pleases me to be able to call you a fool, in return," said the horse. "For I did not
make the river, nor put it in our way; so only a term of, reproach is fit for one who
becomes angry with me for falling into the water."
"That is quite evident," replied Tip; "so I will acknowledge myself in the wrong." Then
he called out to the Pumpkinhead: "are you all right, Jack?"
There was no reply. So the boy called to the King "are you all right, your majesty?"
The Scarecrow groaned.
"I'm all wrong, somehow," he said, in a weak voice. "How very wet this water is!"
Tip was bound so tightly by the cord that he could not turn his head to look at his
companions; so he said to the Saw-Horse:
"Paddle with your legs toward the shore."
The horse obeyed, and although their progress was slow they finally reached the opposite
river bank at a place where it was low enough to enable the creature to scramble upon dry
With some difficulty the boy managed to get his knife out of his pocket and cut the cords
that bound the riders to one another and to the wooden horse. He heard the Scarecrow fall
to the ground with a mushy sound, and then he himself quickly dismounted and looked at
his friend Jack.
The wooden body, with its gorgeous clothing, still sat upright upon the horse's back; but
the pumpkin head was gone, and only the sharpened stick that served for a neck was
visible. As for the Scarecrow, the straw in his body had shaken down with the jolting and
packed itself into his legs and the lower part of his body -- which appeared very plump
and round while his upper half seemed like an empty sack. Upon his head the Scarecrow