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8. Gen. Jinjur's Army of Revolt
Tip was so anxious to rejoin his man Jack and the Saw-Horse that he walked a full half
the distance to the Emerald City without stopping to rest. Then he discovered that he was
hungry and the crackers and cheese he had provided for the Journey had all been eaten.
While wondering what he should do in this emergency he came upon a girl sitting by the
roadside. She wore a costume that struck the boy as being remarkably brilliant: her silken
waist being of emerald green and her skirt of four distinct colors -- blue in front, yellow
at the left side, red at the back and purple at the right side. Fastening the waist in front
were four buttons -- the top one blue, the next yellow, a third red and the last purple.
The splendor of this dress was almost barbaric; so Tip was fully justified in staring at the
gown for some moments before his eyes were attracted by the pretty face above it. Yes,
the face was pretty enough, he decided; but it wore an expression of discontent coupled to
a shade of defiance or audacity.
While the boy stared the girl looked upon him calmly. A lunch basket stood beside her,
and she held a dainty sandwich in one hand and a hard-boiled egg in the other, eating
with an evident appetite that aroused Tip's sympathy.
He was just about to ask a share of the luncheon when the girl stood up and brushed the
crumbs from her lap.
"There!" said she; "it is time for me to go. Carry that basket for me and help yourself to
its contents if you are hungry."
Tip seized the basket eagerly and began to eat, following for a time the strange girl
without bothering to ask questions. She walked along before him with swift strides, and
there was about her an air of decision and importance that led him to suspect she was
some great personage.
Finally, when he had satisfied his hunger, he ran up beside her and tried to keep pace
with her swift footsteps -- a very difficult feat, for she was much taller than he, and
evidently in a hurry.
"Thank you very much for the sandwiches," said Tip, as he trotted along. "May I ask your
"I am General Jinjur," was the brief reply.
"Oh!" said the boy surprised. "What sort of a General?"
"I command the Army of Revolt in this war," answered the General, with unnecessary