The Marvelous Land of Oz HTML version

The Tin-Woodman Plucks a Rose
The Army of Glinda the Good looked very grand and imposing when it assembled at
daybreak before the palace gates. The uniforms of the girl soldiers were pretty and of gay
colors, and their silver-tipped spears were bright and glistening, the long shafts being
inlaid with mother-of-pearl. All the officers wore sharp, gleaming swords, and shields
edged with peacock- feathers; and it really seemed that no foe could by any possibility
defeat such a brilliant army.
The Sorceress rode in a beautiful palanquin which was like the body of a coach, having
doors and windows with silken curtains; but instead of wheels, which a coach has, the
palanquin rested upon two long, horizontal bars, which were borne upon the shoulders of
twelve servants.
The Scarecrow and his comrades decided to ride in the Gump, in order to keep up with
the swift march of the army; so, as soon as Glinda had started and her soldiers had
marched away to the inspiring strains of music played by the royal band, our friends
climbed into the sofas and followed. The Gump flew along slowly at a point directly over
the palanquin in which rode the Sorceress.
"Be careful," said the Tin Woodman to the Scarecrow, who was leaning far over the side
to look at the army below. "You might fall."
"It wouldn't matter," remarked the educated Woggle-Bug. "he can't get broke so long as
he is stuffed with money."
"Didn't I ask you" began Tip, in a reproachful voice.
"You did!" said the Woggle-Bug, promptly. "And I beg your pardon. I will really try to
restrain myself."
"You'd better," declared the boy. "That is, if you wish to travel in our company."
"Ah! I couldn't bear to part with you now," murmured the Insect, feelingly; so Tip let the
subject drop.
The army moved steadily on, but night had fallen before they came to the walls of the
Emerald City. By the dim light of the new moon, however, Glinda's forces silently
surrounded the city and pitched their tents of scarlet silk upon the greensward. The tent of
the Sorceress was larger than the others, and was composed of pure white silk, with
scarlet banners flying above it. A tent was also pitched for the Scarecrow's party; and
when these preparations had been made, with military precision and quickness, the army
retired to rest.
Great was the amazement of Queen Jinjur next morning when her soldiers came running
to inform her of the vast army surrounding them. She at once climbed to a high tower of