The Map of the Known World


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Enjoy this new revised edition of 'The Map of the Known World' (now published through Monster Field Press). Prester John rules the Known World with an iron grip. Through his servants, the fanatical Brotherhood of Redemption, his dominion stretches into every land. Meanwhile fourteen year old Elowen Aubyn lives a miserable life in an orphanage, and dreams of escape and adventure, little realising that her dreams are about to become terrifyingly real. For when Elowen comes into possession of an ancient map, she is forced to flee and undertake a deadly quest, as the map she carries holds a secret that could change the world forever... The first part of the TREE OF LIFE trilogy, The Map of the Known World takes you into a saga of forgotten magic and adventure that will grip both young and old.

Terri Chin

I'm sorry to be the first to write a bad review, In fact, I have not finished the story because I am too distracted by the poor punctuation. There are commas where there should be full stops and no commas where there should be commas. I want to give it a chance but I can't get past the punctuation. Please have someone edit your book.

Martha Dunston

Good read that keeps looking to see what happens next.

Chris Richardson

Really enjoyed this book, storyline not to complex and quite fast moving. Looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.

Bruce McLennan

A well written story, even if slightly predictable in plot

Lee Willard

The prose in this is literate and colorful in high fantasy style. The story is a long quest with the adventurers being tested by many perils. They are in a world dominated by a church run amok, with stark contrasts between good and evil, with good personified by the natural world.


i loved this book which was full of advanture and fantasy and i am looking forward to read the next books on this wonderful story


it's about the same quality as many fantasy novels and includes the same plot elements. reminded me a lot of the Memory Sorrow and Thorn series by Tad Williams. It was a page turner though, pretty good.

Loes Dekker

very good read! couldn't put it down, bought part 2


A bit surprisingly I agree with the other reviewers. I did not expect much from the book but it was quite captivating and it is well worth a read.


Loved this book, cannot wait for the next one!!!!!!!!


i loved it, couldnt stop reading it, i NEED the second one!!! please hurry and post the second book!!


I just finished reading this book, it was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one!

whitney sylvester

I enjoyed this a lot and can't wait to read more. I is a bit derivative but no matter I would say to any reader of fantasy to give it a go you will get hooked on it!


This was a fantastic journey I could not stop reading it. I will wait with eager anticipation for the next adventure for Eloween.


This was fantastic!I cant wait for the second!


Steven Smith

'The Map of the Known World' is the first part of the 'Tree of Life' trilogy. This is a fully revised version of the novel.

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