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The Management of Communications
Allan is a seasoned Public Relations Specialist and runs his own Public Relations
firm, A. J. Thain & Associates. He's also an acknowledged expert on the Internet,
computers and software. For several years he has shared this knowledge with
listeners as host of C-FAX Online and The TechTalkZone heard on various
Radio Stations and along the Net. He's been a Government Advertising and
Communications Director and continues to advise senior level politicians on
media strategies and issues management. Allan is an award winning radio and
television copywriter and producer.
Many communications managers have come up through the ranks. They are
writers, designers, media relations and audio-visual specialists or former
journalists who, because they have been successful in their specialized fields,
have been asked to take on the broad responsibilities of planning and managing
complete communications programs.
This guide has been designed to help these people – those who have recently or
may soon be called on to accept broader managerial responsibilities.
Its content does not dwell on communications theory, but on the systematic steps
and approaches the communications manager must take to design and carry out
practical, professional and effective communications activities.
We believe it will be of great value as a practical reference source that
communication managers can use regularly in the course of their daily work.
It is yours….for the better “Management of Communications”.