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asked his father what was in the cauldron and he
replied 'Oh its only to cure you if you get bit by
anything, no matter what bites you drink this and
you'll be better.', 'Ok' replied Dan. Tom who was the
other side of the cauldron was stirring the liquid
around then all of a sudden 'BANG!' all three of them
jumped, even Dan's mother Lucia started shouting for
them to keep the noise down. Dan lived with his two
parents, his brother and his sister who was older
than him. They all lived in Rosewood Avenue which was
an ordinary street all except for them, they were
all witches and wizards. Terry Dan's father asked Dan
and Tom to go into the house and get as many potion
glasses as they can carry and bring them back to the
shed. Dan and Tom ran back up to the house and they
both went straight into the cupboard above the fire
and took out four potion glasses each but because Tom
was younger than Dan, Dan who was eleven and Tom was
eight, one slipped out of his hands and smashed on
the floor, their mother flicked her wand and the
glass repaired and flew back into the cupboard, then
the cupboard door shut and their mother said 'Get
back out the shed before you smash something else' so
they both turned around and ran back to the shed.
Back in the shed Dan's father who was called Terry,
was ready to pour the potion into the glasses. He
poured the first then asked Tom to put the cork in
the top but neither Dan or Tom had brought corks, so
Tom ran back up to the house to fetch some. Dan and
his father continued to fill the glasses, while they
were filling the glasses his father said 'Dan at
about noon we need to go get you your school supplies
from Jemstone alley ok!', 'Ok dad' Dan replied. When
they had finished filling the glasses Tom entered the
shed and said 'sorry I took so long dad, me and mum
couldn't find the corks anywhere, but we finally
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