The Man on the Iron Horse HTML version

winter air. Dan turned and ran to the door, turned
the large solid metal handle and ran down the long
hallway and down the solid oak staircase.
The room was large with high ceilings and a irregular
shape, cobwebs hanging off the light shade and there
was three pictures hanging on the wall one was a big,
strong, dark haired man with a big moustache, he was
Called Alfo, he was given as a house warming present
off Mauve, Dan's mothers cousin, the other two were
his great-grandmothers. Alfo smiled at Dan, so he
smiled back smiled back and said 'Good morning Alfo!'
then walked out into the kitchen. His mother was
sitting at the table sipping Coffee and reading the
Daily Ticker, then she lowered the paper to look at
Dan, her bright blue eyes shone from the reflection
of winters sun outside and her blonde hair blew from
the light gentle breeze coming through the open door
and then she said 'Hi darling did you have a nice
sleep last night?' Dan replied 'It was a bad night
mam I couldn't sleep I was so nervous, because it's
my first day of school tomorrow!' His mother then
said 'well sit down and I'll get some tea off the
stove and get you some breakfast, that will calm you
down.' Dan said yes and went to sit down then
realised what he had seen from the shed and asked
'What is going on in the shed mum?' and she replied
'Your father and your brother Tom are trying to make
some potions for you to take to school with you.' At
once Dan leapt to his feet forgetting about his
breakfast and ran out of the house and into the
He ran down the cobble path and opened the door to
the shed, it looked small from the outside but was
rather big inside, his father was standing next to a
large cauldron which had the same colours green and
black in it as the smoke he had seen earlier. He
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