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BigBoy_06: "The Man On The Iron Horse"
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- Chapter One -
The Start Of His Life
The midnight air was cold, the frost on the glass was
gleaming from the moon light, and was shining onto
Dan's face, he sat there gazing through the frosted
glass window, out at the stars in the dull nights
sky, only moving to pull back his long brown hair.
The moon twinkled in his chocolate brown eyes as he
sat on his bed staring out wondering what was going
to happen the day after tomorrow, he stared out into
the moonlit sky for a few more hours before he
finally fell asleep, his head dropped back and fell
into the pillow. Not too long after he fell asleep he
shot up and looked around, he had thought someone was
watching him, he got out of bed to look if he could
see anyone but no one was out on the landing and no
one was in his room so he got back into bed and went
back to sleep.
The next morning he woke up and rubbed his eyes, the
sun was shining strongly through the glass which was
still frosted from the night before, he sat up,
stretched and then got out of bed, he walked over to
the window and looked out into the garden, the sun
was shining but it was a winter sun and the rays were
blinding if you looked at them and then all of a
sudden from the shed at the end of the garden a big
puff of black and green smoke wisped into the breezy
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