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7. The Unaccountable Conduct Of Professor De Worms
"SIT down!" said Sunday in a voice that he used once or twice in his life, a voice
that made men drop drawn swords.
The three who had risen fell away from Gogol, and that equivocal person himself
resumed his seat.
"Well, my man," said the President briskly, addressing him as one addresses a
total stranger, "will you oblige me by putting your hand in your upper waistcoat
pocket and showing me what you have there?"
The alleged Pole was a little pale under his tangle of dark hair, but he put two
fingers into the pocket with apparent coolness and pulled out a blue strip of card.
When Syme saw it lying on the table, he woke up again to the world outside him.
For although the card lay at the other extreme of the table, and he could read
nothing of the inscription on it, it bore a startling resemblance to the blue card in
his own pocket, the card which had been given to him when he joined the anti-
anarchist constabulary.
"Pathetic Slav," said the President, "tragic child of Poland, are you prepared in
the presence of that card to deny that you are in this company--shall we say de
"Right oh!" said the late Gogol. It made everyone jump to hear a clear,
commercial and somewhat cockney voice coming out of that forest of foreign
hair. It was irrational, as if a Chinaman had suddenly spoken with a Scotch
"I gather that you fully understand your position," said Sunday.
"You bet," answered the Pole. "I see it's a fair cop. All I say is, I don't believe any
Pole could have imitated my accent like I did his."
"I concede the point," said Sunday. "I believe your own accent to be inimitable,
though I shall practise it in my bath. Do you mind leaving your beard with your
"Not a bit," answered Gogol; and with one finger he ripped off the whole of his
shaggy head-covering, emerging with thin red hair and a pale, pert face. "It was
hot," he added.
"I will do you the justice to say," said Sunday, not without a sort of brutal
admiration, "that you seem to have kept pretty cool under it. Now listen to me. I