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II.11. Juliet Gains Experience
"Of course," Juliet said, "after Tredowen it seems very small, almost poky, but it isn't,
really, and Tredowen was not for me all my days. It was quite time I got used to
something else."
Wingrave looked around him with expressionless face. It was a tiny room, high up on the
fifth floor of a block of flats, prettily but inexpensively furnished. Juliet herself, tall and
slim, with all the fire of youth and perfect health on her young face, was obviously
"And your work?" he asked.
She made a little grimace.
"I have a good deal to unlearn," she said, "but Mr. Pleydell is very kind and
"You will go down to Cornwall for the hot weather, I hope?" he said. "London is
unbearable in August."
"The class are going for a sketching tour to Normandy," she said, "and Mr. Pleydell
thought that I might like to join them. It is very inexpensive, and I should be able to go on
with my work all the time."
He nodded thoughtfully.
"I hear," he said, "that you have met Mr. Aynesworth again."
"Wasn't it delightful?" she exclaimed. "He is quite an old friend of Mr. Pleydell. I was so
glad to see him."
"I suppose," he remarked, "you are a little lonely sometimes?"
"Sometimes," she admitted. "But I sha'n't be when I get to know the girls in the class a
little better."
"I have some friends," he said thoughtfully, "women, of course, who would come and see
you with pleasure. And yet," he added, "I am not sure that you would not be better off
without knowing them."
"They are fashionable ladies, perhaps?" she said simply.