The Maid's Tragedy HTML version

Act V
Enter Evadne and a Gentleman.
Evad. Sir, is the King abed?
Gent. Madam, an hour ago.
Evad. Give me the key then, and let none be near;
'Tis the Kings pleasure.
Gent. I understand you Madam, would 'twere mine.
I must not wish good rest unto your Ladiship.
Evad. You talk, you talk.
Gent. 'Tis all I dare do, Madam; but the King will wake,
and then.
Evad. Saving your imagination, pray good night Sir.
Gent. A good night be it then, and a long one Madam;
I am gone.
Evad. The night grows horrible, and all about me
Like my black purpose: O the Conscience
[King abed.
Of a lost Virgin; whither wilt thou pull me?
To what things dismal, as the depth of Hell,
Wilt thou provoke me? Let no [woman] dare
From this hour be disloyal: if her heart
Be flesh, if she have blood, and can fear, 'tis a daring
Above that desperate fool that left his peace,
And went to Sea to fight: 'tis so many sins
An age cannot prevent 'em: and so great,
The gods want mercy for: yet I must through 'em.
I have begun a slaughter on my honour,
And I must end it there: he sleeps, good heavens!
Why give you peace to this untemperate beast
That hath so long transgressed you? I must kill him,
And I will do't bravely: the meer joy
Tells me I merit in it: yet I must not
Thus tamely do it as he sleeps: that were
To rock him to another world: my vengeance