The Maid's Tragedy HTML version

Act IV
Enter Melantius, Evadne, and a Lady.
Mel. Save you.
Evad. Save you sweet Brother.
Mel. In my blunt eye methinks you look Evadne.
Evad. Come, you would make me blush.
Mel. I would Evadne, I shall displease my ends else.
Evad. You shall if you command me; I am bashful;
Come Sir, how do I look?
Mel. I would not have your women hear me
Break into commendation of you, 'tis not seemly.
Evad. Go wait me in the Gallery--now speak.
Mel. I'le lock the door first.
[Exeunt Ladies.
Evad. Why?
Mel. I will not have your guilded things that dance in
visitation with their Millan skins choke up my business.
Evad. You are strangely dispos'd Sir.
Mel. Good Madam, not to make you merry.
Evad. No, if you praise me, 'twill make me sad.
Mel. Such a sad commendation I have for you.
Evad. Brother, the Court hath made you witty,
And learn to riddle.
Mel. I praise the Court for't; has it learned you nothing?
Evad. Me?