The Maid's Tragedy HTML version

Enter Cleon, Strato, Diphilus.
Cle. Your sister is not up yet.
Diph. Oh, Brides must take their mornings rest,
The night is troublesome.
Stra. But not tedious.
Diph. What odds, he has not my Sisters maiden-head to
Stra. No, it's odds against any Bridegroom living, he
ne're gets it while he lives.
Diph. Y'are merry with my Sister, you'l please to allow
me the same freedom with your Mother.
Stra. She's at your service.
Diph. Then she's merry enough of her self, she needs
no tickling; knock at the door.
Stra. We shall interrupt them.
Diph. No matter, they have the year before them.
Good morrow Sister; spare your self to day, the night
will come again.
[Enter Amintor.
Amint. Who's there, my Brother? I am no readier yet,
your Sister is but now up.
Diph. You look as you had lost your eyes to night; I
think you ha' not slept.
Amint. I faith I have not.
Diph. You have done better then.