The Maid's Tragedy HTML version

Act II
Enter Evadne, Aspatia, Dula, and other Ladies.
Dul. Madam, shall we undress you for this fight?
The Wars are nak'd that you must make to night.
Evad. You are very merry Dula.
Dul. I should be far merrier Madam, if it were with me
as it is with you.
Eva. Why how now wench?
Dul. Come Ladies will you help?
Eva. I am soon undone.
Dul. And as soon done:
Good store of Cloaths will trouble you at both.
Evad. Art thou drunk Dula?
Dul. Why here's none but we.
Evad. Thou think'st belike, there is no modesty
When we are alone.
Dul. I by my troth you hit my thoughts aright.
Evad. You prick me Lady.
Dul. 'Tis against my will,
Anon you must endure more, and lie still.
You're best to practise.
Evad. Sure this wench is mad.
Dul. No faith, this is a trick that I have had
Since I was fourteen.
Evad. 'Tis high time to leave it.