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CLI. Where shall I go? which way shall I turn? Where am I likely to find the Princess
Eriphyle? It is no small pleasure to be the first to bring news. Ah! here she is! Madam, I
come to tell you that heaven has just now given you the husband it reserved for you.
ERI. Alas! leave me, Clitidas, to my gloomy sorrow.
CLI. Madam, I beg your pardon, I thought I did well to come and tell you that heaven
has given you Sostratus for a husband; but, since it is unpleasant to you, I will pocket my
news, and go back just as I came.
ERI. Clitidas! I say, Clitidas!
CLI. I leave you, Madam, to your gloomy melancholy.
ERI. Stay, I tell you; come here. What is it you say?
CLI. Nothing, Madam. One is sometimes too hasty in coming to tell great people things
they don't care about, and I pray you to excuse me.
ERI. How cruel you are!
CLI. Another time I will take care not to come and interrupt you.
ERI. Keep me no longer in suspense; say what it is you came to tell me.
CLI. An insignificant thing about Sostratus, Madam, which I will tell you another time
when you are less engaged.
ERI. Keep me no longer in suspense, and tell me the news.
CLI. You wish to know it, Madam?
ERI. Yes, be quick. What is it about Sostratus?
CLI. A wonderful adventure which nobody expected.
ERI. Tell it me at once.
CLI. Will it not trouble you, Madam, in your gloomy melancholy?
ERI. Ah! Speak, I say.