The Magnificent Lovers HTML version

The subject of this play was given by Louis XIV. It was acted before him at Saint-
Germain-en-Laye, on February 4, 1670, but was never represented in Paris, and was only
printed after Molière's death. It is one of the weakest plays of Molière, upon whom
unfortunately now rested the whole responsibility of the court entertainments. His attack
upon astrology is the most interesting part.
Molière acted the part of Clitidas.
The King, who will have nothing but what is magnificent in all he undertakes, wished to
give his court an entertainment which should comprise all that the stage can furnish. To
facilitate the execution of so vast an idea, and to link together so many different things,
his Majesty chose for the subject two rival princes, who, in the lovely vale of Tempe,
where the Pythian Games were to be celebrated, vie with each other in fêting a young
princess and her mother with all imaginable gallantries.
IPHICRATES & TIMOCLES, princes in love with ERIPHYLE.
SOSTRATUS, a general, also in love with ERIPHYLE.
ANAXARCHUS, an astrologer.
CLEON, his son.
CHOROEBUS, in the suit of ARISTIONE.
CLITIDAS, a court jester, one of the attendants of ERIPHYLE.
ARISTIONE, a princess, mother to ERIPHYLE.
ERIPHYLE, a princess, daughter to ARISTIONE.
CLEONICE, confidante to ERIPHYLE.
A sham VENUS, acting in concert with ANAXARCHUS.