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Ozma's Birthday Party
It seems odd that a fairy should have a birthday, for fairies, they say, were born
at the beginning of time and live forever. Yet, on the other hand, it would be a
shame to deprive a fairy, who has so many other good things, of the delights of a
birthday. So we need not wonder that the fairies keep their birthdays just as other
folks do, and consider them occasions for feasting and rejoicing.
Ozma, the beautiful girl Ruler of the Fairyland of Oz, was a real fairy, and so
sweet and gentle in caring for her people that she was greatly beloved by them
all. She lived in the most magnificent palace in the most magnificent city in the
world, but that did not prevent her from being the friend of the most humble
person in her dominions. She would mount her Wooden Sawhorse, and ride out
to a farm house and sit in the kitchen to talk with the good wife of the farmer
while she did her family baking; or she would play with the children and give
them rides on her famous wooden steed; or she would stop in a forest to speak
to a charcoal burner and ask if he was happy or desired anything to make him
more content; or she would teach young girls how to sew and plan pretty
dresses, or enter the shops where the jewelers and craftsmen were busy and
watch them at their work, giving to each and all a cheering word or sunny smile.
And then Ozma would sit in her jeweled throne, with her chosen courtiers all
about her, and listen patiently to any complaint brought to her by her subjects,
striving to accord equal justice to all. Knowing she was fair in her decisions, the
Oz people never murmured at her judgments, but agreed, if Ozma decided
against them, she was right and they wrong.
When Dorothy and Trot and Betsy Bobbin and Ozma were together, one would
think they were all about of an age, and the fairy Ruler no older and no more
"grown up" than the other three. She would laugh and romp with them in regular
girlish fashion, yet there was an air of quiet dignity about Ozma, even in her
merriest moods, that, in a manner, distinguished her from the others. The three
girls loved her devotedly, but they were never able to quite forget that Ozma was
the Royal Ruler of the wonderful Fairyland of Oz, and by birth belonged to a
powerful race.
Ozma's palace stood in the center of a delightful and extensive garden, where
splendid trees and flowering shrubs and statuary and fountains abounded. One
could walk for hours in this fascinating park and see something interesting at
every step. In one place was an aquarium, where strange and beautiful fish
swam; at another spot all the birds of the air gathered daily to a great feast which
Ozma's servants provided for them, and were so fearless of harm that they would
alight upon one's shoulders and eat from one's hand. There was also the
Fountain of the Water of Oblivion, but it was dangerous to drink of this water,