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Dorothy and the Bumble Bees
Dorothy was greatly distressed and had hard work to keep the tears from her
"Is that all you can do, Wizard?" she asked the little man.
"It's all I can think of just now," he replied sadly. "But I intend to keep on thinking
as long--as long--well, as long as thinking will do any good."
They were all silent for a time, Dorothy and the Wizard sitting thoughtfully on the
raft, and Trot and Cap'n Bill sitting thoughtfully on the toadstools and growing
gradually smaller and smaller in size.
Suddenly Dorothy said: "Wizard, I've thought of something!"
"What have you thought of?" he asked, looking at the little girl with interest.
"Can you remember the Magic Word that transforms people?" she asked.
"Of course," said he.
"Then you can transform Trot and Cap'n Bill into birds or bumblebees, and they
can fly away to the other shore. When they're there, you can transform 'em into
their reg'lar shapes again!"
"Can you do that, Wizard?" asked Cap'n Bill, eagerly.
"I think so."
"Roots an' all?" inquired Trot.
"Why, the roots are now a part of you, and if you were transformed to a
bumblebee the whole of you would be transformed, of course, and you'd be free
of this awful island."
"All right; do it!" cried the sailor-man.
So the Wizard said slowly and distinctly:
"I want Trot and Cap'n Bill to become bumblebees--Pyrzqxgl!"
Fortunately, he pronounced the Magic Word in the right way, and instantly Trot
and Cap'n Bill vanished from view, and up from the places where they had been
flew two bumblebees.
"Hooray!" shouted Dorothy in delight; "they're saved!"
"I guess they are," agreed the Wizard, equally delighted.
The bees hovered over the raft an instant and then flew across the river to where
the Lion and the Tiger waited. The Wizard picked up the paddle and paddled the
raft across as fast as he could. When it reached the river bank, both Dorothy and
the Wizard leaped ashore and the little man asked excitedly:
"Where are the bees?"
"The bees?" inquired the Lion, who was half asleep and did not know what had
happened on the Magic Isle.
"Yes; there were two of them."
"Two bees?" said the Hungry Tiger, yawning. "Why, I ate one of them and the
Cowardly Lion ate the other."
"Goodness gracious!" cried Dorothy horrified.
"It was little enough for our lunch," remarked the Tiger, "but the bees were the
only things we could find."