The Magic of Oz HTML version

The Magic of the Wizard
He first set up a small silver tripod and placed a gold basin at the top of it. Into
this basin he put two powders--a pink one and a sky-blue one--and poured over
them a yellow liquid from a crystal vial. Then he mumbled some magic words,
and the powders began to sizzle and burn and send out a cloud of violet smoke
that floated across the river and completely enveloped both Trot and Cap'n Bill,
as well as the toadstools on which they sat, and even the Magic Plant in the gold
flower-pot. Then, after the smoke had disappeared into air, the Wizard called out
to the prisoners:
"Are you free?"
Both Trot and Cap'n Bill tried to move their feet and failed.
"No!" they shouted in answer.
The Wizard rubbed his bald head thoughtfully and then took some other magic
tools from the bag.
First he placed a little black ball in a silver pistol and shot it toward the Magic Isle.
The ball exploded just over the head of Trot and scattered a thousand sparks
over the little girl.
"Oh!" said the Wizard, "I guess that will set her free."
But Trot's feet were still rooted in the ground of the Magic Isle, and the
disappointed Wizard had to try something else.
For almost an hour he worked hard, using almost every magic tool in his black
bag, and still Cap'n Bill and Trot were not rescued.
"Dear me!" exclaimed Dorothy, "I'm 'fraid we'll have to go to Glinda, after all."
That made the little Wizard blush, for it shamed him to think that his magic was
not equal to that of the Magic Isle.