The Magic of Oz HTML version

A Remarkable Journey
"You see," explained the Glass Cat, "that Magic Isle where Trot and Cap'n Bill
are stuck is also in this Gillikin Country--over at the east side of it, and it's no
farther to go across-lots from here than it is from here to the Emerald City. So
we'll save time by cutting across the mountains."
"Are you sure you know the way?" asked Dorothy.
"I know all the Land of Oz better than any other living creature knows it,"
asserted the Glass Cat.
"Go ahead, then, and guide us," said the Wizard. "We've left our poor friends
helpless too long already, and the sooner we rescue them the happier they'll be."
"Are you sure you can get 'em out of their fix?" the little girl inquired.
"I've no doubt of it," the Wizard assured her. "But I can't tell what sort of magic I
must use until I get to the place and discover just how they are enchanted."
"I've heard of that Magic Isle where the Wonderful Flower grows," remarked the
Cowardly Lion. "Long ago, when I used to live in the forests, the beasts told
stories about the Isle and how the Magic Flower was placed there to entrap
strangers--men or beasts."
"Is the Flower really wonderful?" questioned Dorothy.
"I have heard it is the most beautiful plant in the world," answered the Lion. "I
have never seen it myself, but friendly beasts have told me that they have stood
on the shore of the river and looked across at the plant in the gold flower-pot and
seen hundreds of flowers, of all sorts and sizes, blossom upon it in quick
succession. It is said that if one picks the flowers while they are in bloom they will
remain perfect for a long time, but if they are not picked they soon disappear and
are replaced by other flowers. That, in my opinion, make the Magic Plant the
most wonderful in existence."
"But these are only stories," said the girl. "Has any of your friends ever picked a
flower from the wonderful plant?"