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The Glass Cat Finds the Black Bag
When the six monkeys were transformed by Kiki Aru into six giant soldiers fifty
feet tall, their heads came above the top of the trees, which in this part of the
forest were not so high as in some other parts; and, although the trees were
somewhat scattered, the bodies of the giant soldiers were so big that they quite
filled the spaces in which they stood and the branches pressed them on every
Of course, Kiki was foolish to have made his soldiers so big, for now they could
not get out of the forest. Indeed, they could not stir a step, but were imprisoned
by the trees. Even had they been in the little clearing they could not have made
their way out of it, but they were a little beyond the clearing. At first, the other
monkeys who had not been enchanted were afraid of the soldiers, and hastily
quitted the place; but soon finding that the great men stood stock still, although
grunting indignantly at their transformation, the band of monkeys returned to the
spot and looked at them curiously, not guessing that they were really monkeys
and their own friends.
The soldiers couldn't see them, their heads being above the trees; they could not
even raise their arms or draw their sharp swords, so closely were they held by
the leafy branches. So the monkeys, finding the giants helpless, began climbing
up their bodies, and presently all the band were perched on the shoulders of the
giants and peering into their faces.
"I'm Ebu, your father," cried one soldier to a monkey who had perched upon his
left ear, "but some cruel person has enchanted me."
"I'm your Uncle Peeker," said another soldier to another monkey.
So, very soon all the monkeys knew the truth and were sorry for their friends and
relations and angry at the person--whoever it was--who had transformed them.
There was a great chattering among the tree-tops, and the noise attracted other
monkeys, so that the clearing and all the trees around were full of them.
Rango the Gray Ape, who was the Chief of all the monkey tribes of the forest,
heard the uproar and came to see what was wrong with his people. And Rango,
being wiser and more experienced, at once knew that the strange magician who
looked like a mixed-up beast was responsible for the transformations. He
realized that the six giant soldiers were helpless prisoners, because of their size,