The Magic of Oz HTML version

Kiki Uses His Magic
Then arose a great confusion of sounds as all the animals began talking to their
fellows. The monkeys chattered and the bears growled and the voices of the
jaguars and lions rumbled, and the wolves yelped and the elephants had to
trumpet loudly to make their voices heard. Such a hubbub had never been known
in the forest before, and each beast argued with his neighbor until it seemed the
noise would never cease.
Ruggedo the Nome waved his arms and fluttered his wings to try to make them
listen to him again, but the beasts paid no attention. Some wanted to fight the Oz
people, some wanted to be transformed, and some wanted to do nothing at all.
The growling and confusion had grown greater than ever when in a flash silence
fell on all the beasts present, the arguments were hushed, and all gazed in
astonishment at a strange sight.
For into the circle strode a great Lion--bigger and more powerful than any other
lion there--and on his back rode a little girl who smiled fearlessly at the multitude
of beasts. And behind the Lion and the little girl came another beast--a
monstrous Tiger, who bore upon his back a funny little man carrying a black bag.
Right past the rows of wondering beasts the strange animals walked, advancing
until they stood just before the rock throne of Gugu.
Then the little girl and the funny little man dismounted, and the great Lion
demanded in a loud voice:
"Who is King in this forest?"
"I am!" answered Gugu, looking steadily at the other. "I am Gugu the Leopard,
and I am King of this forest."
"Then I greet Your Majesty with great respect," said the Lion. "Perhaps you have
heard of me, Gugu. I am called the 'Cowardly Lion,' and I am King of all Beasts,
the world over."
Gugu's eyes flashed angrily.
"Yes," said he, "I have heard of you. You have long claimed to be King of Beasts,
but no beast who is a coward can be King over me."
"He isn't a coward, Your Majesty," asserted the little girl, "He's just cowardly,
that's all."