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The Li-Mon-Eags Make Trouble
There had been trouble in the Forest of Gugu that morning. Chipo the Wild Boar
had bitten the tail off Arx the Giraffe while the latter had his head among the
leaves of a tree, eating his breakfast. Arx kicked with his heels and struck Tirrip,
the great Kangaroo, who had a new baby in her pouch. Tirrip knew it was the
Wild Boar's fault, so she knocked him over with one powerful blow and then ran
away to escape Chipo's sharp tusks. In the chase that followed a giant porcupine
stuck fifty sharp quills into the Boar and a chimpanzee in a tree threw a cocoanut
at the porcupine that jammed its head into its body.
All this was against the Laws of the Forest, and when the excitement was over,
Gugu the Leopard King called his royal Counselors together to decide how best
to punish the offenders.
The four lords of the forest were holding solemn council in a small clearing when
they saw two strange beasts approaching them--beasts the like of which they
had never seen before.
Not one of the four, however, relaxed his dignity or showed by a movement that
he was startled. The great Leopard crouched at full length upon a fallen tree-
trunk. Bru the Bear sat on his haunches before the King; Rango the Gray Ape
stood with his muscular arms folded, and Loo the Unicorn reclined, much as a
horse does, between his fellow-councillors. With one consent they remained
silent, eyeing with steadfast looks the intruders, who were making their way into
their forest domain.
"Well met, Brothers!" said one of the strange beasts, coming to a halt beside the
group, while his comrade with hesitation lagged behind.
"We are not brothers," returned the Gray Ape, sternly. "Who are you, and how
came you in the forest of Gugu?"
"We are two Li-Mon-Eags," said Ruggedo, inventing the name. "Our home is in
Sky Island, and we have come to earth to warn the forest beasts that the people
of Oz are about to make war upon them and enslave them, so that they will
become beasts of burden forever after and obey only the will of their two-legged
A low roar of anger arose from the Council of Beasts.
"WHO'S going to do that?" asked Loo the Unicorn, in a high, squeaky voice, at
the same time rising to his feet.