The Magic of Oz HTML version

To My Readers
Curiously enough, in the events which have taken place in the last few years in
our "great outside world," we may find incidents so marvelous and inspiring that I
cannot hope to equal them with stories of The Land of Oz.
However, "The Magic of Oz" is really more strange and unusual than anything I
have read or heard about on our side of The Great Sandy Desert which shuts us
off from The Land of Oz, even during the past exciting years, so I hope it will
appeal to your love of novelty.
A long and confining illness has prevented my answering all the good letters sent
me--unless stamps were enclosed--but from now on I hope to be able to give
prompt attention to each and every letter with which my readers favor me.
Assuring you that my love for you has never faltered and hoping the Oz Books
will continue to give you pleasure as long as I am able to write them, I am
Yours affectionately,
"Royal Historian of Oz."
at Hollywood in California