The Magic of Oz HTML version

A Happy Corner of Oz
There is no other country so beautiful as the Land of Oz. There are no other
people so happy and contented and prosperous as the Oz people. They have all
they desire; they love and admire their beautiful girl Ruler, Ozma of Oz, and they
mix work and play so justly that both are delightful and satisfying and no one has
any reason to complain. Once in a while something happens in Oz to disturb the
people's happiness for a brief time, for so rich and attractive a fairyland is sure to
make a few selfish and greedy outsiders envious, and therefore certain evil-doers
have treacherously plotted to conquer Oz and enslave its people and destroy its
girl Ruler, and so gain the wealth of Oz for themselves. But up to the time when
the cruel and crafty Nome, Ruggedo, conspired with Kiki Aru, the Hyup, all such
attempts had failed. The Oz people suspected no danger. Life in the world's
nicest fairyland was one round of joyous, happy days.
In the center of the Emerald City of Oz, the capital city of Ozma's dominions, is a
vast and beautiful garden, surrounded by a wall inlaid with shining emeralds, and
in the center of this garden stands Ozma's Royal Palace, the most splendid
building ever constructed. From a hundred towers and domes floated the
banners of Oz, which included the Ozmies, the Munchkins, the Gillikins, the
Winkies and the Quadlings. The banner of the Munchkins is blue, that of the
Winkies yellow; the Gillikin banner is purple, and the Quadling's banner is red.
The colors of the Emerald City are of course green. Ozma's own banner has a
green center, and is divided into four quarters. These quarters are colored blue,
purple, yellow and red, indicating that she rules over all the countries of the Land
of Oz.
This fairyland is so big, however, that all of it is not yet known to its girl Ruler, and
it is said that in some far parts of the country, in forests and mountain fastnesses,
in hidden valleys and thick jungles, are people and beasts that know as little
about Ozma as she knows of them. Still, these unknown subjects are not nearly
so numerous as the known inhabitants of Oz, who occupy all the countries near
to the Emerald City. Indeed, I'm sure it will not be long until all parts of the
fairyland of Oz are explored and their peoples made acquainted with their Ruler,
for in Ozma's palace are several of her friends who are so curious that they are
constantly discovering new and extraordinary places and inhabitants.
One of the most frequent discoverers of these hidden places in Oz is a little
Kansas girl named Dorothy, who is Ozma's dearest friend and lives in luxurious
rooms in the Royal Palace. Dorothy is, indeed, a Princess of Oz, but she does
not like to be called a princess, and because she is simple and sweet and does
not pretend to be anything but an ordinary little girl, she is called just "Dorothy" by
everybody and is the most popular person, next to Ozma, in all the Land of Oz.