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The Fountain of Oblivion
The morning after the birthday fete, as the Wizard and Dorothy were walking in
the grounds of the palace, Ozma came out and joined them, saying:
"I want to hear more of your adventures in the Forest of Gugu, and how you were
able to get those dear little monkeys to use in Dorothy's Surprise Cake."
So they sat down on a marble bench near to the Fountain of the Water of
Oblivion, and between them Dorothy and the Wizard related their adventures.
"I was dreadfully fussy while I was a woolly lamb," said Dorothy, "for it didn't feel
good, a bit. And I wasn't quite sure, you know, that I'd ever get to be a girl again."
"You might have been a woolly lamb yet, if I hadn't happened to have discovered
that Magic Transformation Word," declared the Wizard.
"But what became of the walnut and the hickory-nut into which you transformed
those dreadful beast magicians?" inquired Ozma.
"Why, I'd almost forgotten them," was the reply; "but I believe they are still here in
my pocket."
Then he searched in his pockets and brought out the two nuts and showed them
to her.
Ozma regarded them thoughtfully.
"It isn't right to leave any living creatures in such helpless forms," said she. "I
think, Wizard, you ought to transform them into their natural shapes again."
"But I don't know what their natural shapes are," he objected, "for of course the
forms of mixed animals which they had assumed were not natural to them. And
you must not forget, Ozma, that their natures were cruel and mischievous, so if I
bring them back to life they might cause us a great deal of trouble."
"Nevertheless," said the Ruler of Oz, "we must free them from their present
enchantments. When you restore them to their natural forms we will discover
who they really are, and surely we need not fear any two people, even though
they prove to be magicians and our enemies."
"I am not so sure of that," protested the Wizard, with a shake of his bald head.
"The one bit of magic I robbed them of--which was the Word of Transformation--
is so simple, yet so powerful, that neither Glinda nor I can equal it. It isn't all in