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The Magic Bullet
The action you just took to download and open up this ebook could well be
the most important financial step that you’ve ever
taken. Even though the book is free…. don’t
think that it isn’t worth anything.
I talk to people all the time who spend hours
commuting in a traffic jungle to a job that they
hate. Much of their working life is spent just to
earn enough money to pay for a house that they
can’t enjoy more than a few hours each day
because they’re working so hard to get enough
money to pay for it.
It’s a vicious cycle. It’s like trying to walk up a down escalator… and then the
car breaks down. More money spent. Add to that medical bills, rising food
bills, and so on, and at the end of the week there’s nothing left for fun,
They know that they aren’t working up to their potential. It’s a vicious
cycle… I know… I’ve been there! I also know what it’s like to be working like
a dog and have the boss come to me and tell me that my services are no
longer needed.
Sounds familiar doesn’t it? No I’m not specifically talking about you, but those
are the things I see people struggling with every single day. You wouldn’t be
reading this if it wasn’t at least partially applicable to you too.
There’s a solution!
One of my passions in life is helping other people escape that rat race, and I
truly would like to make a difference in YOUR life as I have with others.
I was once fired from a job that I felt so passionate about. I can’t think of
anything more devastating… I was demolished, but I vowed then and there
that I would NEVER let anyone do that to me again. (And I never have). I
want to help YOU achieve that same level of freedom so you can go in and
give your boss the pink ticket. I want you to be able to travel and enjoy the
good things in life.