The Louisa Alcott Reader for Children HTML version

The Fairy Box
"I wish I had a magic bracelet like Rosamond's, that would prick me when I was going to
do wrong," said little May, as she put down the story she had been reading.
There was no one else in the room, but she heard a sweet voice sing these words close to
her ear:--
"Now hark, little May,
If you want to do right,
Under your pillow
Just look every night.
If you have been good
All through the day,
A gift you will find,
Useful or gay;
But if you have beenv Cross, selfish, or wild,
A bad thing will come
For the naughty child.
So try, little dear,
And soon you will see
How easy and sweet
To grow good it will be."
May was very much surprised at this, and looked everywhere to see who spoke, but could
find no one.
"I guess I dreamed it; but my eyes are wide open, and I can't make up poetry, asleep or
As she said that, some one laughed; and the same voice sang again,--
"Ha, ha, you can't see,
Although I am here;
But listen to what
I say in your ear.
Tell no one of this.
Because, if you do,
My fun will be spoilt,
And so will yours too.
But if you are good,
And patient, and gay,
A real fairy will come
To see little May."
"Oh, how splendid that will be! I'll try hard, and be as good as an angel if I can only get
one peep at a live fairy. I always said there were such people, and now I shall know how