The Louisa Alcott Reader for Children HTML version

How They Ran Away
Two little boys sat on the fence whittling arrows one fine day. Said one little boy to the
other little boy,--
"Let's do something jolly."
"All right. What will we do?"
"Run off to the woods and be hunters."
"What can we hunt?"
"Bears and foxes"
"Mullin says there ain't any round here."
"Well, we can shoot squirrels and snare wood-chucks."
"Haven't got any guns and trap."
"We've got our bows, and I found an old trap behind the barn."
"What will we eat?"
"Here's our lunch; and when that's gone we can roast the squirrels and cook the fish on a
stick. I know how."
"Where will you get the fire?"
"Got matches in my pocket."
"I've got a lot of things we could use. Let's see."
And as if satisfied at last, cautious Billy displayed his treasures, while bold Tommy did
the same.
Besides the two knives there were strings, nails, matches, a piece of putty, fish-hooks,
and two very dirty handkerchiefs.
"There, sir, that's a first-rate fit-out for hunters; and with the jolly basket of lunch Mrs.
Mullin gave us, we can get on tip-top for two or three days," said Tommy, eager to be
"Where shall we sleep?" asked Billy, who liked to be comfortable both night and day.