The Lost Princess of Oz HTML version

The Meeting
While the Frogman and his party were advancing from the west, Dorothy and her party
were advancing from the east, and so it happened that on the following night they all
camped at a little hill that was only a few miles from the wicker castle of Ugu the
Shoemaker. But the two parties did not see one another that night, for one camped on one
side of the hill while the other camped on the opposite side. But the next morning, the
Frogman thought he would climb the hill and see what was on top of it, and at the same
time Scraps, the Patchwork Girl, also decided to climb the hill to find if the wicker castle
was visible from its top. So she stuck her head over an edge just as the Frogman's head
appeared over another edge, and both, being surprised, kept still while they took a good
look at one another.
Scraps recovered from her astonishment first, and bounding upward, she turned a
somersault and landed sitting down and facing the big Frogman, who slowly advanced
and sat opposite her. "Well met, Stranger!" cried the Patchwork Girl with a whoop of
laughter. "You are quite the funniest individual I have seen in all my travels."
"Do you suppose I can be any funnier than you?" asked the Frogman, gazing at her in
"I'm not funny to myself, you know," returned Scraps. "I wish I were. And perhaps you
are so used to your own absurd shape that you do not laugh whenever you see your
reflection in a pool or in a mirror."
"No," said the Frogman gravely, "I do not. I used to be proud of my great size and vain of
my culture and education, but since I bathed in the Truth Pond, I sometimes think it is not
right that I should be different from all other frogs."
"Right or wrong," said the Patchwork Girl, "to be different is to be distinguished. Now in
my case, I'm just like all other Patchwork Girls because I'm the only one there is. But tell
me, where did you come from?"
"The Yip Country," said he.
"Is that in the Land of Oz?"
"Of course," replied the Frogman.
"And do you know that your Ruler, Ozma of Oz, has been stolen?"
"I was not aware that I had a Ruler, so of course I couldn't know that she was stolen."
"Well, you have. All the people of Oz," explained Scraps, "are ruled by Ozma, whether
they know it or not. And she has been stolen. Aren't you angry? Aren't you indignant?
Your Ruler, whom you didn't know you had, has positively been stolen!"