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The Search PartyThe Search Party
Next morning as soon as the sun was up, Glinda flew back to her castle, stopping on the
way to instruct the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, who were at that time staying at the
college of Professor H. M. Wogglebug, T.E., and taking a course of his Patent
Educational Pills.
On hearing of Ozma's loss, they started at once for the Quadling Country to search for
her. As soon as Glinda had left the Emerald City, Tik-Tok and the Shaggy Man and Jack
Pumpkinhead, who had been present at the conference, began their journey into the
Gillikin Country, and an hour later Ojo and Unc Nunkie joined Dr. Pipt and together they
traveled toward the Munchkin Country. When all these searchers were gone, Dorothy and
the Wizard completed their own preparations.
The Wizard hitched the Sawhorse to the Red Wagon, which would seat four very
comfortably. He wanted Dorothy, Betsy, Trot and the Patchwork Girl to ride in the
wagon, but Scraps came up to them mounted upon the Woozy, and the Woozy said he
would like to join the party. Now this Woozy was a most peculiar animal, having a
square head, square body, square legs and square tail. His skin was very tough and hard,
resembling leather, and while his movements were somewhat clumsy, the beast could
travel with remarkable swiftness. His square eyes were mild and gentle in expression, and
he was not especially foolish. The Woozy and the Patchwork Girl were great friends, and
so the Wizard agreed to let the Woozy go with them.
Another great beast now appeared and asked to go along. This was none other than the
famous Cowardly Lion, one of the most interesting creatures in all Oz. No lion that
roamed the jungles or plains could compare in size or intelligence with this Cowardly
Lion, who--like all animals living in Oz--could talk and who talked with more
shrewdness and wisdom than many of the people did. He said he was cowardly because
he always trembled when he faced danger, but he had faced danger many times and never
refused to fight when it was necessary. This Lion was a great favorite with Ozma and
always guarded her throne on state occasions. He was also an old companion and friend
of the Princess Dorothy, so the girl was delighted to have him join the party.
"I'm so nervous over our dear Ozma," said the Cowardly Lion in his deep, rumbling
voice, "that it would make me unhappy to remain behind while you are trying to find her.
But do not get into any danger, I beg of you, for danger frightens me terribly."
"We'll not get into danger if we can poss'bly help it," promised Dorothy, "but we shall do
anything to find Ozma, danger or no danger."
The addition of the Woozy and the Cowardly Lion to the party gave Betsy Bobbin an
idea, and she ran to the marble stables at the rear of the palace and brought out her mule,
Hank by name. Perhaps no mule you ever saw was so lean and bony and altogether plain
looking as this Hank, but Betsy loved him dearly because he was faithful and steady and
not nearly so stupid as most mules are considered to be. Betsy had a saddle for Hank, and
he declared she would ride on his back, an arrangement approved by the Wizard because