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Among The Winkies
The settled parts of the Winkie Country are full of happy and contented people who are
ruled by a tin Emperor named Nick Chopper, who in turn is a subject of the beautiful girl
Ruler, Ozma of Oz. But not all of the Winkie Country is fully settled. At the east, which
part lies nearest the Emerald City, there are beautiful farmhouses and roads, but as you
travel west, you first come to a branch of the Winkie River, beyond which there is a
rough country where few people live, and some of these are quite unknown to the rest of
the world. After passing through this rude section of territory, which no one ever visits,
you would come to still another branch of the Winkie River, after crossing which you
would find another well-settled part of the Winkie Country extending westward quite to
the Deadly Desert that surrounds all the Land of Oz and separates that favored fairyland
from the more common outside world. The Winkies who live in this west section have
many tin mines, from which metal they make a great deal of rich jewelry and other
articles, all of which are highly esteemed in the Land of Oz because tin is so bright and
pretty and there is not so much of it as there is of gold and silver.
Not all the Winkies are miners, however, for some till the fields and grow grains for food,
and it was at one of these far-west Winkie farms that the Frogman and Cayke the Cookie
Cook first arrived after they had descended from the mountain of the Yips. "Goodness
me!" cried Nellary the Winkie wife when she saw the strange couple approaching her
house. "I have seen many queer creatures in the Land of Oz, but none more queer than
this giant frog who dresses like a man and walks on his hind legs. Come here, Wiljon,"
she called to her husband, who was eating his breakfast, "and take a look at this
astonishing freak."
Wiljon the Winkie came to the door and looked out. He was still standing in the doorway
when the Frogman approached and said with a haughty croak, "Tell me, my good man,
have you seen a diamond-studded gold dishpan?"
"No, nor have I seen a copper-plated lobster," replied Wiljon in an equally haughty tone.
The Frogman stared at him and said, "Do not be insolent, fellow!"
"No," added Cayke the Cookie Cook hastily, "you must be very polite to the great
Frogman, for he is the wisest creature in all the world."
"Who says that?" inquired Wiljon.
"He says so himself," replied Cayke, and the Frogman nodded and strutted up and down,
twirling his gold-headed cane very gracefully.
"Does the Scarecrow admit that this overgrown frog is the wisest creature in the world?"
asked Wiljon.
"I do not know who the Scarecrow is," answered Cayke the Cookie Cook.