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About Mohamed Tohami
Mohamed Tohami "The Success Pharaoh" is the
Middle East's first self help guru and motivational
He is the founder of, the #1 website
for creating everlasting success as ranked by
Google, Yahoo and all other major search engines.
Tohami is the author of "The Life Purpose
Discovery System: Your Ultimate Guide to a
Meaningful Life". He is also the creator of "The
Success Avalanche: 70 Exclusive Interviews with Ultra Successful
He is recognized by, the #1 ranked website for Self
Improvement on Google and Yahoo, as one of the world's top
success experts.
Tohami has been featured as the Middle East's first self-help guru in
Arabian Man magazine (the Gulf's leading Men's magazine, read
only by the eyes of the Gulf's most successful - or soon to be
successful – men).
He has recorded over 90 interviews with the world's leading success
and business experts including Anne Bruce, Dan Lok, Debbie Allen,
Gary Blair, Dr. Joe Rubino, Joe Sugarman, John Gordon, Frank
McKinney, Mark Sanborn, Michel Gerber, Mike Litman, Peggy
McColl, Simon T. Bailey, Terri Levine, Eva Gregory and many more.
Tohami's mission is to help millions of people worldwide to
transform their lives from making a living to making a
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