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Thanks Ewen for all your support, your emails, your blog and the countless new Effective ways you keep telling me about to promote Secret Affiliate Weapon.

I'm now using your strategies for one of my clients in a totally different field and they can't believe the results but I can. To your ultimate success Ewen, Thanks.

- G. Reichard

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I have been trying to make an income online for over 12 months and was constantly suffering from information overload which resulted in me going around in circles and not achieving anything...until I found Ewen Chia.

Ewen arranges things so you avoid the clutter and get to earn $$ quickly. His simple step by step system and the clarity he provides is excellent for a newbie!

- Ian McConnell

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Hi Ewen, As you know, I have been responsible for more than $8,000 in sales within my first week of being an affiliate for Secret Affiliate Weapon…

I must admit though that I am not actively marketing it anymore, yet I continue to get sales (almost on a daily basis). SAW practically sells itself. I have never promoted a program that converts into sales as easily as this one.

SAW is adding a nice figure to my bottom line every month. To date I have had more than $14,000 in sales with a few hundred still coming in every month. And I get all of this through indirect marketing results.

Anyway, that is just on the income side, let alone the information that you keep giving us on a regular basis. I almost find it absurd that you could give away (and continue to add) such valuable information for a mere $9.97!

- Craig Haywood (a.k.a. The blue guy)

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Ewen is one of those rare marketers who can really make your product launch explosive! I've seen first hand how Ewen promotes and the results he delivers.

As a top affiliate of mine he won our affiliate sales contest for a big product launch we did in 2005. However, he didn't just win, he blew away the competition! Now I consider myself a pretty good marketer and have one a lot of affiliate contests myself but there is always something I can learn from Ewen.

I'm a proud member of Secret Affilate Weapon myself and it is the one site I recommend to all of my affiliates. When my affiliates can learn from Ewen it can only help my business more. You cannot go wrong by becoming a SAW member today. Regards, Jeremy Gislason

- Jeremy Gislason


The video's you show are fantastic to watch and you can watch them over & over again. And the tutorials are great. Super website.

- Joseph Kita

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00012.jpgEwen gives away great info and it’s so easy to understand. If you ever get a piece of information.. get it from Ewen !
He gives away far more than he should :)
- Chris Yates

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Hi Ewen, I just want to thank you for your Secret Affiliate Weapon. You really give much for less. I believe people wouldn't mind if you charge them monthly, since you continuously provide tons of information to your member!

- Fidens Felix

PS: Could you limit the membership? I don't want everybody to know these secrets you are sharing. I don't like competitors :-D

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Secret Affiliate Weapon has changed my life! This is by far the best Affiliate Program around, as soon as I started using this service I started earning more commissions from this one service than all my other campaigns combined. Great Job Ewen!

- Ryan Blake
An amazing program!

When it comes to affiliate marketing you have shown to be a proven expert at making money and showing others do the same.

This program is so simple and everything is already done and laid out for you. It truly is a no-brainer!
- William Level

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00016.jpgI think this is a great product!
- Derek Hall

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Ewen, I am deluged with people selling tons of products every day…

I can honestly say that ALMOST NONE compare to your Secret Affiliate Weapon product for providing affiliate marketers with methods they can really use to make themselves successful and become a super affiliate themselves.

I always tell my subscribers if they are SERIOUS about becoming a success in affiliate marketing, they need to check out your product!



This has changed my luck completely! I only started dabbling online 3 months ago. I found SAW through traffic exchanges, which is where I started…

I was literally vibrating with excitement. I put Ultimate Website Videos and AMM on pages in my site and just from that, every few days I noticed there was a SAW sale in my clickbank account! How easy is that?

That excited me so much I just bought advertising to pull more people to those free stuff pages two days ago, and I just know, it's going to make me more sales. How can it not? It's an awesome deal, and I think the sheer excitement in my write up is contagious!

By the way, I was tickled to see my clickbank ID rolling by on your cash videos! The ideas in SAW have helped me sell more than just this one product.

Like I said, I'm just getting started, but in May alone I have made over $1000 selling other peoples stuff!
Thanks Ewen!
- Janet Overy

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Ewen, when I came upon SAW for the first time, I immediately realized it was a total no-brainer.
00019.jpgI can say this is one of the best investments I have ever made, and the price was an absolute steal.

Your membership is awesome and the information is topnotch. I strongly recommend SAW to anyone that is involved with affiliate marketing.

Just one of Ewen's ideas can make your affiliate checks grow by big amounts!

- Juan Pablo Cangas

Hi Ewen, This is the best example any one can set for putting affiliate income on autopilot! :)

You create great tools from allowing affiliates to promote SAW and make their life really easy. You really practice what you say.


I gave away "Ultimate Website Videos" PDF at couple of giveaways, it helped me get subscribers as well as convert them to customers. And all this on auto-pilot. I just set it once and people still download PDF from my site they get the message, view it, SAW is a GREAT product at an INSANELY low price, so, any one will be fool enough to not take it.

This makes me smile by seeing those small $4.83 amounts everyday in my Clickbank account (when they become SAW members) and $43+ once every week, when the upgrade! This is when I haven't promoted heavily, this really motivates me to promote it on regular basis, so, I get regular smiles! :)

I am quite happy the way this "Load it, Promote it, Forget it" model is working. Thanks for making difference in my online life.

- Amar Mehta

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00021.jpgEwen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon is the best thing that has happened in the Affiliate marketing arena.

The Affiliate site is loaded with excellent training and the products are first class. If a person puts forth the effort and uses the tools made available to SAW Affiliates they are sure to succeed!

- Joseph Hall

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00022.jpgEwens’ advice is great. I have used some of the tactics that he has given and they work.
Not to brag, but I am one of the top affiliate for the main product I promote. Thank you Ewen.

- Dax Cheng

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Absolutely Fantastic!
I'm blown away by the quality of this comprehensive package. Great value for money. A must have product for any Affiliate Marketer.
- Chan Parmar

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Thank Ewen, I've Made My First Affiliate Commission!

By following step by step your marketing system revealed in your "Secret Affiliate Weapon" Member's Area, I've made my first affiliate commission just after 9 days of promotion.

I have just used the free methods. Now i know and i believe that i can make more than $12,000 per month.

I'm going now to invest the necessary time and money into advertising, into the trends, tools, recommend me to run successfully my affiliate marketing business. thank you

- Juste A. Gnimavo

At the time of posting this I was relatively new to internet marketing.

I wasted a lot of hours downloading information regarding secrets to success on internet marketing only to find there was always pieces missing from the internet jigsaw puzzle.

I stumbled across Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon purely by accident and was truly amazed by all the information Ewen has supplied, one stop shop so to speak.

Finally I had found the answers to many of my questions. The wealth of information Ewen supplies to his members alone is worth its weight in gold.
Thanks so much Ewen! I have no hesitation is recommending this explosive package.

- Noeline Cairns

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Hi Ewen, Secret Affiliate Weapon is the BEST Program I ever read.
I learned a great deal from it and have highly suggested to many others since I purchased my copy!

I love the fact that it did not stop with just the initial package and much more has been sent to me based on that purchase.

The price was unbeatable and everyone that does any type of Affiliate Marketing needs this! And like I said for the price you can't beat it, the value is far worth more than the price.

Great job Ewen and I still till this day suggest it to people!
- Laurie Brandt

Ewen, I can't tell you how much you have helped me to learn and get started in the internet business.

As you know I am a retired senior citizen (71) years old, who lost everything I've worked hard for all my life, in the stock market "Enron & MCI, and was desperate to find a way to supplement my Social Security income.

Thanks to you and your Secret affiliate Weapon site, I can forsee a light at the end of the tunnel, God bless you, I've joined your affiliate program and I'm telling everyone about you!

- Joseph Hargett

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Wow! This has got to be the most under-priced membership sites I have ever seen! Ewen Chia truly is "the Man" when it comes to effective Affiliate Marketing.

Using his information and resources, I have turned my business around completely. You don't want to miss out on this if you are at all involved with affiliate programs.

- Aaron Herman

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I thankfully joined Ewen's fantastic "Secret Affiliate Weapon" site back in October of 2005!

Since joining "Secret Affiliate Weapon" I have gained an incredible amount of "real-life" knowledge that I actually put to use everyday, which is unlike so many other programs on the Internet today.

The material and tools that Ewen shares are extremely useful for improving every aspect of my online presence, including my daily financial gains. I cannot thank you enough Ewen and I am so grateful that I came across your "Secret Affiliate Weapon!"

- Michael Wood
Hello Ewen: Many people think that MAKING MONEY is the most "important thing" about an internet business, but I feel that may be wrong.
The "thing" you must do FIRST, and what WILL make money is, 'change your way of thinking, about HOW to make money'.

The Secret Affiliate Weapon techniques and guidance I've received, have been responsible for changing my thinking to a, "Marketing Mindset", which I'll apply to my ventures and adventures on the Internet.

I thank you for your investment in me, both in email and newsletter formats and your Secret Affiliate Weapon correspondence.
I now look forward to, as your signature states, 'My Affiliate Success'!
Thank you so much for your Secret Affiliate Weapon.

- Michael Berry

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The good think about "SAW" is that you buy it, you sell it... I always can see when a product is good, but the major problem when you are trying to sell it, is to let people know that it good!

Well, "Secret Affiliate Weapon" is good, is easy to sell and it also gives you the knowledge, tools and the free advertising to sell it!!!

It’s amazing... I have made thousands with this $9.97 product that sells by itself...Thank You Ewen.
- Pedro Sardinha

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I am a new online marketer and venturing into the internet world can be a huge and confusing place. I am so glad that I have Ewen Chia on my side along with his Secret Affiliate Weapon.

It is easy to understand and the support is wonderful, I know he is only an email away! To find success on the internet and be able to make a reasonable income you must believe in the product and the plan - and in the integrity of the seller.

I am excited about this and know I will be making a great income really soon.
Thank you Ewen for helping us newbies!
- Lynne Haynes

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Hi Ewen, I just purchased my membership to 'Secret Affiliate Weapon' and didn't have a CLUE what I would find.
I realized it would be good because of WHO you are and the respect you have from other 'super affiliates'.

I still can't believe the amount of 'genuinely valuable' products once inside. I don't know how I'll get through it all yet, but I do know that I can only succeed if I follow your 'plan of action'. I can't thank you enough. But THANKS anyway.

- Pete Moring

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Wow Wow and again Wow, excellent value for money...
As a newbie to affiliate marketing, i truly need all the help I can get. Your information is concise, to the point and extremely helpful.

Thank you for what must be the best value for money deal available on the net. If you are new to this....and want to succeed, buy now, you will not be disappointed.

- Heidi


Hi Ewen, The techniques I have learned from Secret Affiliate Weapon have helped me to triple my affiliate commissions in the last 3 months!!!

Thank you for your great help & support & keep up the good work.
- Mark Flavin

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00026.jpgOne of the best products I purchased online, and I'm a proud affiliate of SAW, So there.
- Chaitanya Dhareshwar

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Hi Ewen, I purchased Secret Affiliate Weapon as soon as you launched it. In the first 3 days I had 80 sales totaling $775.54 and a whopping 9.63% conversion rate!

Never before have I seen anything flies off the virtual shelves this fast! I don't know how you come up with so many fantastic ideas, but keep up the good work.

- Denise Hall

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00028.jpgHi Ewen, I just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated your 'Secret Affiliate Weapon'!
I've received great commissions and your sales copy sells itself! Keep up the great work!

- James R Vander Schaaf

Ewen, let me first say that I am truly grateful for all of the valuable information you revealed at your Secret Affiliate Weapon membership site.

What you've given me through your membership site is priceless and I truly believe that many individuals haven't yet realized the value hidden within. Just from using one of your pre-selling strategies, I was able to increase my affiliate income by 5X's.

Now before I joined your site, I was never the big affiliate marketer. I thought that the ONLY way I could truly earn some money online was to try to create my own products and sell them online.

But boy was I wrong! Now I am making a great living as an affiliate marketer. And to show you some proof, here are 2 snapshots of clickbank earnings that I generated just from sending one email using your pre-selling strategies. And this is money earned from other peoples products ONLY.......
- Melvin Perry

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This is the best program to start off in affiliate marketing. Especially if you are new and have no idea as to how and where to start.

Here Ewen has done a great job in taking care of the details for you and you just follow a simple set of instructions (even a 60 year old guy like me can understand and manage)to start making money right away!

The affiliate commissions is also among the best on offer. Along the way you also receive lots of useful freebies and ideas from Ewen himself and he is constantly working to improve the SAW program so that all affiliates can increase their conversion rates and income.

Take it from me this is without doubt one of best if not the best affiliate program around!
- Henry Chee

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JDI. Just Do It, with Ewen it works.
So if your willing to work it; it'll work for you too!!!

The Secret Affiliate Weapon is that one place, where your certainty will be rarely if ever laboured with those nagging failure concerns or doubt associated with any success.

- Byron Welch

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I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find a site that I can make money with. Ewen, the information you have made available has been most helpful.

You have sifted out the bad and the ugly and given us the cream of the crop. I have been educated by your articles, and I am beginning to make money through the internet for the first time.

- Al Hanusch

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The Secret Affiliate Weapon is absolutely amazing. I was having a lot of difficulty bringing in ANY money as an affiliate before I found SAW.
I was at the end of my patience and financial capabilities and was thinking of quiting. SAW has changed all of that now and I really wish that I found it sooner.
I am now making the kind of money that I had hoped to make long ago, and I owe it all to the Secret Affiliate Weapon.
My stress level is down, and my happiness is up. Thank you Ewen, SAW is awesome and I would not be where I am today without it.

- Brad Wright

Ewen Chia's SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON is absolutely one of (if not the) best programs I've ever been associated with.

The package alone is well worth the LOW price, but the support, and updates make it an OUTSTANDING value.

I always look forward to Ewen's newsletters, which provide great insight, and recommendations. His SECRET BLOG is also a GREAT tool for any affiliate looking to produce a residual income!

- Robert J Lynch

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00030.jpgOutstanding Information! It helps jumpstart my affiliate business 300%.
If you want to know the true secrets to affiliates get it today.
- Roger Hicks

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Secret Affiliate Weapon is one of the best resources for affiliate marketers of every caliber.

Beginners and intermediate marketers will learn a lot just by watching Ewen in action. Advanced marketers will find something new every time Ewen makes a post in the 'Secret Blog'.

And the site converts like crazy so it's easy to make some quick cash by promoting it to your list.
- Derrick VanDyke

The Secret Affiliate Weapon ROCKS!!

I had no idea what the hell I was doing, with all the confusing and contradicting information on affiliate marketing, but thanks to the Marketing GOD (Mr. Chia), I get ALL the information that I need and want in one special place.

Thanks for all the help, and keep those informative and profitable reports coming. Imagine getting everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer in one place.... Well with SAW, you can!

- Jay Ortega

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Ewen, I would like to Thank You, over and over again.
Secret Affiliate Weapon is the first program that I actually get a check each month from.
I have worked/tried numerous MLMs and other programs but they all lacked what Secret Affiliate Weapon has, A MONTHLY PAYCHECK!

With all that the additional (free products with re-branding free as well) recently added to this already great program, sales should become easy as show them what they get. Once Again, I Thank You over and over again.

- Brian Lawrence

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Hi, amazed, that’s me.

I'm very new to the internet but hoping to earn some extra cash but did not know where to start, but i do now, thanks for this program and all the freebees, what a fantastic way to learn, thanks and god bless.

- George Watson

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Ewen Chia is famous internet marketer. I am proud to have a possibility to probe some of his "Secret Affiliate Weapon" and to profit from it!

- Miroslav Fiala

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Ewen You Secret Affiliate weapon has really 'done it' for me.

Before I joined my Clickbank account was a very sad thing to see but now its beginning to take off. Thanks Ewen - you really rock!

- John Tate

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I am a complete newbie to affiliate marketing. For less than ten bucks I was given a ton of resources and have already made sales because of them.
Ewen gives you many tools AND the 'mental side' of being successful too. You simply can't go wrong with SAW!
- Paul Johnson

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I just got my very first Affiliate Commission Check from clickbank.

Wow, I am so excited and confident about my future success now. Ewen, I am so lucky that I found and joined "Secret Affiliate Weapon". The easy and yet very powerful strategies that you reveal in this membership package is simply amazing.

If I can do this with no website, list or product then anyone can succeed by following the steps laid down by you in this powerful package!
- Puneet Singhal

My fist commission was done with SAW and I need to thank you, Ewen, for the huge amount of tips, tools and reports you prepare for us just to help people to increase their revenue.

I have some other subscriptions but never, I got what I get with SAW. SAW is in a continued expansion and always updated!

- Mario De la Cruz

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Hi there Ewen Wow, man! I'd want to let you on how excited I am about your membership site - "Secret Affiliate Weapon".


Signed-up a few weeks ago and within 7 days managed to quadruple my affiliate sales. Your site rocks! I love your secret blog, it gave cutting edge tactics for both affiliate newbies and veterans.

As an affiliate marketing expert myself I've found your site very informative and your step-by-step INFO very easy to implement. I even generated $165.20 promoting this program to my list - it converts really well! Thank you.

- Codrut Turcanu

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I am thrilled to have Ewen's knowledge and expertise. There are those who say and those who do. There is theory and then there is practice.

Ewen does what he practices and is willing to help it all. That's rare and I'm thrilled to have his knowledge and experience at my disposal! An affordable life time Affiliate system for anyone to join.

- Nalliah Siva Nathan
Ewen is without a second thought, one whom I would turn to to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

As one of the most successful affiliate marketers out there, he generously shares with us his proven system through his SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON website.

There's a TON of very useful and practical tips including tools that Ewen had mapped out for us to take action. If you want to succeed online, you MUST learn from him!

- Tiat Leong, Ang

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00038.jpgI'm amazed, Ewen! No other program has produced traffic and results like your "SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON" has.
My business has increased by leaps and bounds since I signed up.
- Morgan H

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Ewen, I have to say that the information I learned from you is what started me on affiliate marketing all those months ago.


Since then, I have been able to make tens of thousands of dollars in profit, just from applying a couple of the principles that you taught!

Thank you very much for all the great information you provide. I would recommend it to anybody interested in making extra money on the Internet.

- Matthew Glanfield

When it came to affiliate marketing, I was lost. I was convinced that the only ones who could make any money with affiliate marketing were the "gurus" with the huge lists. That was before I heard of Ewen Chia…

As soon as I finished reading Affiliate Money Machine, I knew Ewen could help me in my quest to finally learning about how to make money with affiliate marketing. I immediately joined Secret Affiliate Weapon and have not once regretted it.

Ewen works hard to provide all the resources you need to learn to win in this market. From reports, to e-books, to step by step videos, everything you need is provided.

If you have any plans to break into affiliate marketing or increase your affiliate earnings, I strongly urge you to take advantage of Ewen’s knowledge.
The low price offered for it is far below what it is worth, and in my opinion, will not last.

- Tammie Allen
Quality Advertising That Works

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At last, a product that finally allows newbies to 'Learn and Earn'.
Ewen, you really have the interest of everyone at heart. Everyone stands to benefit from this product, newbies and experienced marketers alike.
The information is easy to apply and the money making strategies are awesome.... and the income streams are multiple......
Wow Grab this product now if you really want to start making money online. Highly recommended!

- Joseph Amagada

I have been promoting SAW using opt-in mailings and website banners and links.
So far, in just a couple of months, I have seen about $500 in commission checks!
Just the beginning...
- Doug Haley

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The Secret Affiliate Weapon has revolutionised my way of thinking about the best ways to make money on the Internet.

Unless you are absolutely sure you know what you're doing, you can't afford to miss out on all the advantages that Secret Affiliate Weapon will give you.

- Geofrrey Ponder

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I have had the privilege of being an affiliate with Ewen Chia for the past six months.
00041.jpgHis style of developing affiliate program is beyond words.
His programs are very well planned out and his follow up on his associates are great.
I cannot express how privileged to have the opportunity to work with him. I wish him the very best for the future.
- Emmanuel Mba (bremancos)

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Ewen's "Secret Affiliate Weapon" is a real powerhouse of knowledge...

He doesn't seem to hold anything back, and as a fellow marketer I'm shocked - but impressed. Top Marks for an awesome private site at a price ANYONE can afford!

- Stuart Reid

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Hello Ewen, I've been a member since your first launch. The information on your site is timeless. I love your timely reminder to log in and focus on the tactics you are teaching. Love the site and incredible value. Thanks Ewen

- Hamant Keval

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What's your excuse? Too old to learn affiliate marketing? With good help even a Seventy-Something Grandmother can be effective.
I benefit from Ewen Chia's secrets. No matter how old you think you are, you're never too old to use the "Secret Affiliate Weapon"!
- Mildred Harris

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I am probably considered a 'newbie', but I've been involved with Ewen's Secret Affiliate weapon for quite some time now, and his insight and invaluable advice is second to none!

Having tried my hand at a few programs, with ordinary results, I put Ewen's tactics to work and have just recently signed 5500 affiliates in the pre-launch of a major venture. Ewen, you're a champion!!

- Chris McLoughlin
00043.jpgYou know, Secret Affiliate Weapon has to be the MOST correct guide about Affiliate Marketing.

If there's one day that people lose everything they have, lose their online business -- Secret Affiliate Weapon will be the FASTEST way for them to step back into wealth!

If there's 1 thing I want my affiliates to have, it's DEFINITELY the Secret Affiliate Weapon.
- Seth Chong

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Secret affiliate weapon gave me the inside knowledge of understanding how the world of internet marketing actually works.

For years I've been jumping from affiliate program to another with out success, But since I've used the tools and advice from Ewen Chia's SAW.. I feel confident now that my Affiliate success is soaring to a new beginning..

I highly recommend all Chia's Products, Idea's and services. SAW will give you the valuable knowledge and guidance that can take years off learning how to run an successful affiliate business.

- Charlie Isaac

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Thanks To Ewen and his Affiliate Weapon Program and all the help and understanding he has provided me I am certain my two websites and will now get traffic.

I have had these sites on the web for almost a year with no sales being made, but thanks to Ewen I now understand why and am looking forward to my oncoming sales!

- James Currie
Ewen, I have to thank you for your generosity.

The information you supplied in just one post (the killer template you supplied) gave me an "a ha" and have done amazing things to my click through and conversion rates on my promotions.

This is an amazing value you supply. I'm not complaining but you could easily be charging a heck of a lot more. Many thanks!

- Sam Knoll

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00046.jpgEwen Chia... this guy is everywhere.

If you don't know this name, I think you've been hiding under a rock. To put it another way--if you are interested in becoming successful at Affiliate Marketing you had better learn this name.

I have been following Ewen for a while now, and I can tell you he is always one step ahead. Do you think you'd benefit from a lifetime membership that gives you direct access to all his secrets?

Just by using one of the tips from the Secret Affiliate Weapon, I have tripled my monthly income.

It's still hard to believe that he gives away so much for so little. Thanks Ewen! I look forward to what you are going to reveal next...

- Curtis Wilson

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00047.jpgWOW!! Not only is this program superior and next to none, it is by far the least expensive on the market!

Backed by you Ewen, and full of fantastic information and tools, this is the best programs I have ever been a part off. Thanks!

- Bryan T Barker

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Hi Ewen, what a great system you have with
SecretAffiliateWeapon. I passed on this offer a thousand times, until a well-known marketer recommended it to me. I shouldn't have waited so long to sign up for this.

Excellent resources, at a price anyone can afford. Keep up the good work.

- Valleyken

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Hi Ewen, I joined SAW a few months ago, I was a newbie without any Internet Experience. I chanced upon the "Ultimate Website Videos" which really opened my eyes to the opportunity's available to Internet Marketing.

Also I heard the Jungle Drums beating out the Name of Ewen Chia who was the Affiliate Guru. I very quickly joined SAW and have received weekly letters and newsletters from Ewen describing the various opportunity's he had found and of course his own. So what have I learned in my few months under the wings and guidance of Ewen Chia?

To put it in simple terms: He is the Secret Affiliate Weapon! Get Ewen and his followers behind you, and you will make money. He will tell you from day 1, That you will only get out of the Internet, from what you put into it. Thank you for your continuing support and guidance, may your light be forever bright.

- Andrew Smith


Dear Ewen, I feel so privileged to have been able to download all the great information in Secret Affiliate Weapon...

I spent time last night reading and the instructions on how to become a more effective affiliate marketer were easy to understand and useful to experienced affiliate marketers as well as newbies.

I'm sure I'll be collecting more commissions from now on! Thank you so much Ewen.
- Fran Civile

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Your Secret Affiliate Weapon Is Amazing. I don't think you will find a better deal for the kind of quality information provided within the members area.

My sales are increasing by the day just for using some of the easy to understand techniques Ewen has provide me.
I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to build an online business using affiliates. This is #1 in my book!
- Roger Hicks

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SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON By Courtesy of EWEN CHIA What can I say SUPERB in every way.
I have been distributing the package for several months now with what I can only add are excellent results!
- Peter Horner
Finally....! Someone who is willing to really help!

I've got to say, Ewen that I was skeptical about your affiliate program being any different than the hundreds of others out there that only care about the "sale"! I was wrong!!

Your information and unselfish willingness to point me in the right direction has and IS making a difference in my online marketing efforts!! Thank you very much!

- Jacob Kurtz

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Ewen- Wow! Wow! I am in awe of the information you have compiled here.
This is going to be the turning point in my marketing career! Everything here is full of awesome business building ideas! Bravo!
- Joe Carter

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Ewen Chia consistently provides solid, valuable information. I highly recommend Secret Affiliate Weapon if you're just getting started in your internet marketing career.

- Tony P.

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This is the one program that any newbie or experienced marketeer should get to increase their affiliate commissions.
Who better to learn from than a true MASTER AFFILIATE MARKETEER.
- Lorenzo Rothery
SAW is a tremendous resource to improving one's affiliate strategies and success! Highly recommended.
- Tom Armstrong

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As a "Puter Wrinkley" (older late learning computer person) I cannot speak more highly of my continued source of USEFUL,EASY to LEARN and APPLY Information I've received as a member of Ewen’s "SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON" Site.

What A Brain!
- Karen-Ann Tapara

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Hi Ewen, thanks for getting in touch with me about your new Secret Affiliate Weapon. This is really a no-brainer offer you've put together.
I'm very happy to have on my side as my super mentor. Thank you very much you have created a valuable resource to help others prosper.
- Diasivi Samba

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I've been experimenting with various online business opportunities for about a year now and the success I have been having with my affiliate marketing promotions are a result of Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon.

I think the most important part of Ewen Chia being a part of other people's success is that he continuously keeps in touch with his subscribers offering new tips and advice through his email updates and 'secret blog' postings.

I always look forward to each of his updates. Without a doubt this is the most inexpensive and worthwhile investment for affiliate marketers, especially for those looking to get their feet wet and earn a nice income form home!

- KITWS BizWorks
Hi Ewen, greetings from Ireland. You know, during the past year or so I have bought numerous e-books, programs, memberships, tutorials etc.

Until recently I was very disappointed on every occasion, what with more wasted money down the drain, more time wasted, more times a fool was made of me. Recently, that is until I stumbled across your "Secret Affiliate Weapon".

I bought it and shoved it to one side, queued it up so to speak, beside all the others. A couple of days ago I again stumbled on it. HEY, what an inspiration.

You just show the way to do it in simple language. No fuss, no jargon, no missing bits. Wow, you can speak to the masses about how to go, make money easily.

One, two, three...A, B, C. So easy to use your "Secret Affiliate Weapon" link in your signatures, websites, postings and other communications. It's a great simple way for anybody to start out on the road to success.

Thank you so so very much for "Showing the way". Good luck for ever, Mort.
- Mort O Kelly

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I'm a total newbie to internet affiliate sales and marketing...

But after becoming a member of Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon and reading through the wonderful bonus material that is available as a member, I've set-up my first lead generation / affiliate sales website.

Just following the simple instructions he provided has helped me start my way to creating a customer list and getting affiliate commissions for the first time in my life!

- Mark Krusch

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Hi Ewen, I am so excited. I seen the video's and now I completely understand the process.

I as at an all time stand still because I not much of a reader and when I did read the instruction, (mind you there not difficult) I had difficulty understanding them. The video's kept my attention and now I know exactly where I'm going.

Thank you so much Ewen you have made me much happier now that I have a clearer understand of how to promote and get an income from the internet.
- Lynn Ridsdale

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When it comes to Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon, you could be blindfolded, and still pick out Ewen's flood lamp of support...his positive, helpful attitude jumps off the page like a bright ball of sunshine.

Ewen holds nothing back...does he ever sleep, I's like he's always there with great, practical tips!
- Kelley Eidem

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I am so excited to have found Secret Affiliate Weapon! After having been taken in by other marketing ventures, I am thrilled with the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time, and the ability to spend more time with my family at home is awesome. Ewen Chia is the real deal!

- Kim Donkers

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I'm absolutely impressed with Secret Affiliate Weapon, it is jam-packed with upto-date information, and extremely newbie-friendly.

It is hard to believe that anyone would actually release this program for a mere one-time investment of US$9.97. To me the amount of information could be easily worth hundreds or even thousands. Thanks Ewen!

- Sheena Wee
I was sceptical when I saw yet another Secret weapon being advertised but Ewen really does have one.

The information made available to members is so good I have seen a huge leap in my affiliate commissions within just a few weeks of implementing only a few of the tactics and weapons revealed.

One small piece of information alone has made me an insane amount of money!
- Jean Morgan

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Secret Affiliate Weapon is probably one of the BEST resource for SERIOUS affiliates who really want to earn online for a living.
I'm glad I saw Ewen's program and just wanted to say THANKS ALOT!
- Matthew Lagace

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I'm Excited! Secret Affiliate Weapon has to be the Best Program I have joined this Year!

I like it because Ewen is always sending me little tips, hints and techniques on how to improve my affiliate marketing. I'm glad to get this Quality info without going broke with a monthly fee! Best of Success!

- Peter Brown

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Hi Ewen, There are a lot of membership sites out there that over-promise and under-deliver. I'm happy to say that yours is not one of those.
Secret Affiliate Weapon delivers tons of useable information that's helped increase my affiliate sales at least 140% over the last few months.
- Ed Duvall

Ewen, I want to thank you ever so much for the comprehensiveness of your package and how genuinely willing you are to pass on your knowledge.
You've done an excellent job with "Secret Affiliate Weapon", Ewen!

It was amazing to actually find valuable and needed information that I haven't seen anywhere else in a marketing eBook. It's well organized, easy to read and one that will stay right on my desktop for easy reference!

- Anton Linner

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Ewen, My mother and I started our Internet Marketing business and we were lucky we purchased SAW. It has saved us a lot of money.

But, more importantly it has saved us the time that it would have taken to struggle through trying to learn about affiliate marketing. Thanks for such a great product at a phenomenal price!

- Doris and Kris Bernard

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WOW! Ewen your SAW rocks! Listen, how about you get it of the market so the competition doesn't read it? ;-D Just kidding.
I just wanted to give you this testimonial for the fantastic job you've on this affiliate's POWERGUIDE!
- Harry C.

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Amazing! I've gone to part-time working at the J.O.B in 3 months.
I will be full-time from home within another 6 months and I owe it all to Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon!
- Anne McGinnis

I've been on the internet for a couple of years now and often needed help but your service has been second to none. The information received on your site has solved many mysteries, being helpful and informative.

Keep up the good work!
- Maureen Atherton

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Ewen Those that help others get back more than what they give. This is true for everyone. Great package.
- Mike Smith

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Hi Ewen, This is fantastic because your secret affiliate weapon has helped me in understanding more about affiliate marketing.. You have taught me a lot.. Great website..

- Damina Torres

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The "SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON" beats every other program on the net to the punch.
Ewen has the power of getting the jump on the competition and is able to offer his members reduced pricing using his extraordinary vision and expertise.
I highly endorse the "SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON" program. Ewen over delivers and consistantly out preforms all other Internet Marketers!
- Larry Vennard

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Unbelievable Weapon, you'll want to keep secret. But you can't. What is it about secrets that are to good not to tell someone.
I've been telling others about the bloggets of information Ewen has been giving to me.
- Dave Hansen

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Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon is a must for those who want to make it BIG in associate programs.

It's an honour for me to have come across Ewen's site last year accidentally. He gives so much and without you realizing it, you'd make profit after profit just by relying on his methods, teachings and softwares.

I must asked Ewen to market his site even harder to the rest of the people online so that they are no longer getting ripped off by some other "internet businesses" that are not productive.

Thanks for changing my life, Ewen!
- Hairil

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Over the last year I have signed up for every News Letter and Marketing E-zine imaginable trying to learn what I have been doing wrong and couldn't even make 1 sale.

With the Secret Affiliate Weapon I have opened up a whole new area of my marketing skills. I have finally made a few sales and expect to make many more.
- Earl Morris

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It’s worth more than gold. Got nothing much to say except good job well done.
- Abdul Rahman
I just wanted to take a few minutes to say Thanks Ewen.
Your "Secret Affiliate Weapon" membership is far superior to many of the "paid memberships".

You truly have been a great help in my internet endeavors. I am really impressed with how you first tell your members how to successfully market on the internet and then you give an exact step-by-step plan to actually demonstrate it and put it into action.

Keep up the great job! I am very pleased to recommend your membership site to anyone looking to improve their business and visibility.
- Christine Range

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Recently, here in Australia, we had two gold miners trapped 1 km underground, after 4 days, it appeared all hope was lost. But when they interviewed his dad on telly, not a bit of it. "you don’t know him, he'll walk out", and so they did, two weeks latter. amazing!

Now go to Secret Affiliate weapon, and don’t forget to breathe.
- Colin Goyder

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Hey this is great, they teach you everything you need to start making money online. The tools are unexplicitly awesome. You have got to check this out.
This will totally rock your income. So I totally recommend that you check into this really great deal. Trust me you won't be disappointed.
- Timothy Petzoldt

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Best book I have ever read. Real honest info presented clearly and without the waffle.
- Jim Horn

I was one of the affiliates who got everything in the Secret Affiliate Weapon at a deeply discounted price. Ewen leaves no one out...anyone and everyone can ramp up their results to a much better level -- keep your eyes on Ewen like I do and never miss out!

- Rosie Shiver

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The first money I ever made online literally began with the purchase of this product.

Even if you don't purchase the upgrade (which would be ridiculous not to--its value is unparallel), at the very least, you'll still learn so much just from reading Ewen's emails!

His articles, products, and recommendations are outstanding. This is one smart guy!
- Nate Verhees

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This Course is amazing, I was blown away when I entered the secret blog, and saw all the information given to us, and I am proud to say that I am a Secret Affiliate Weapon member.

Ewen is giving us a lot of privileges, and give us all the tools we need to succeed. We even know events in the Internet Marketing world before the majority of marketers.

I highly recommend to anyone to be a secret member, and be able to boost his affiliate income. You just need to take action.
- Franck Silvestre

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This is AWESOME! I have belonged to a lot of affiliate programs in my time on the internet and none come close to the returns of the "Secret Affiliate Weapon".
Ewen Chia wants you to succeed and it shows!
- Dennis Sharp

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SAW is absolutely the most incredible website you will ever come across. You simply must get it or you will forever regret it!
- Cheryl Baker

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Hi Ewen, Your "Secret Affiliate Weapon" is worth hundreds if not thousands – anyone out there charges that for the type of information you provide!
You've helped me a great way, there's always something I can learn from you. You walk what you talk, definitely! Thanks a lot.
- Marian Krajcovic

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The Secret Affiliate Weapon continues to revolutionize my income.
The pride of making autopilot commissions is evidence of the significance of this e-business tool one can not afford to despise. Thanks to Ewen Chia.
- Jude Ochama

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So far the best Get Started of affiliate programs out there!
I am looking forward to using these techniques in my first product launch (coming soon)
- Michael Pine

Every person out there that has struggled in the past and is struggling now, should take a step back and realize to be successful you must emulate The successful people you strive to be like.

Well this is no joke but The honest to god truth. I started from nothing, and have been a faithful subscriber of Ewen Chia for the longest time. Not only do the tactics in “Secret Affiliate Weapon” work, they work devastatingly well.

Using the Tools in the Secret Affiliate Weapon members area has boosted my website to the number #1 position on google, msn, and aol in one of the most highly competitive fields in internet marketing for the keywords ‘niche profit’ and ‘niche profit marketing‘.

My sales have sky rocketed and I’ve tripled my subscription rate all based on the Secret Affiliate Weapons members area.
If your looking for success You simply must get this package immediately!

If someone like me, a complete nobody can have an Alexa ranking go from 3,215,214 to 631,098 continuing to climb, and capture the number #1 spot on 3 major Search engines a “zero to hero” in less than 9 months...What’s stopping you?

Grab your membership today its just that good!
- Peter Parks

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Every time you add more content to the members area I just know that my commissions will rise again, keep the tips coming....
- Andrew Stark

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Hi Ewen! Thank you very much for Your Secret Affiliate Weapon.

It is of the true value, just how to make affiliate marketing really work. Please keep up your excellent work, I'm always looking to see your updates, letters and new products.

- Andrew
Hi Ewen, It is definitely the most comprehensive guide on affiliate marketing I have ever seen. You should at least charge 10 times more the current price.
- Michael S

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Hi Ewen, Thanks for bringing the Secret Affiliate Weapon to the newbies of the world.

I am quite impressed with the promotional tools made available to market the product, such as: a landing page, free viral e-book, free ultimate website videos, impulse back-end products and excellent support help.

What I like most about the complete system is the ability to build an opt-in list while earning income from the Secret Affiliate Weapon. With my own opt-list there are so many avenues for me to earn future revenues.

Thanks again Ewen, for your unselfishness in providing information to help the little guy.
- Michael R.

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Ewen graciously shares SO many tactics, strategies and super affiliate secrets with us in *Secret Affiliate Weapon* materials that we've got here a blueprint for total dominance - yet better still Ewen is a model of constant, relentless ACTION and sheer Results -a fountain of Human Creativity!

Stop by. Read and Listen!
- Geoff Dodd

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Hi Ewen, I promoted "SAW" and made money the very next day! Incredible!
- Austin

Awesome! Secret Affiliate Weapon also known as SAW has a 101% ROI [Return on investment]
Initially I was skeptical, thank goodness i gave it a shot and it prove me wrong. Your Friend

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Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon made me over $500 in one day, then I placed it as a promo in my auto responder making me an entire month's worth of income.
The conversion ratio is much higher than any other product I promote and you cannot get a better education in affiliate marketing anywhere else online.
This sucker ROCKS!
- Anthony Tomei

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This is it! SAW is the missing piece of my "affiliate" JizSAW puzzle that I have been searching for.
Now with SAW I have the courage to face any "affiliate battle" out there! Thanks Ewen!
- Shahifol Ismail

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Ewen, your Secret Affiliate Weapon has really helped take the mystery out of affiliate marketing for me.
It saved me time and is helping me establish a healthy second income.
- Jim S
I am lucky enough to join SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON (SAW)!
I have learned a lot on how to be a very successful affiliate. Thanks Ewen Chia
- Roman Ad

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Anyone striving to make a good income on the internet is seeking programs that work, that make money, are easy to use, and get results.
The Secret Affiliate Weapon program does them all!
- Don Deller

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This is so incredible, I Am absolutely amazed and stunned at the results I have gotten, and will keep at it forever, Thanks Ewen
- Jodi A Bennett

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Being a long time member for SAW and I can say that it is most rewarding.
Your tips have helped me to improve my sales. I am glad to be part of SAW and always looking forward to read more ... Cheers!
- Edward Han

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What a wonderful investment has the "SECRET AFFILIATE WEAPON" been.

The amount of information received, the quality of the information and the regularity of the supply of that information is without match anywhere on the Internet.

I would advise anybody to join the "Secret Weapon Affiliate" membership and benefit from this excellent membership.
- Reg Warden
Simply the best $9.97 I have ever spent my whole LIFE.

What Ewen did by providing his high quality, decisive and definitive membership was to allow those who had financial constraints the ability to access powerful and vital information necessary to kick-start a one's affiliate marketing journey.

Extremely high value at an extremely low cost! I wish you the best the universe has to offer my friend.
- Mohamed Idris Arkette

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Ewen Chia is for me number one e-teacher. I am very little eBiz knowledge newbie and I have no yet my website. But with excellent advises from Ewen I understand a lot more than three months ago. His e-books and reports are essential, without useless, excessively inflated dust.

He is real person not only auto-responder. I tested him to give me answer my question, and he answered me personally, not auto-responderly. I read and watch all his products and hope make great business with him.

- Piotr Rosa Gdynia

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Ewen, I have been marketing for some time now- I had seen the Secret Affiliate Weapon over and over again.

And as much as I knew about you from the past, I just kind of ignored it at first, then got kind of figuring that affiliate Marketing was not for me anyway... Boy was I wrong when one day I decided to buy it just to see what kind of "ideas" I might gleen from it. I thought when I read it the first time WOW this is perfect, this takes affiliate Marketing to another level!

It's really quite Remarkable and now its become one of my favorite if not my favorite tool in as arsenal I've built up over time. This really is the Easiest Money to be made on the Web- heck I've been working it off the Web TOO! Best Wishes and Thank You for the SAW!

- Robert Hamborg
Before I read Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon e-book the only method I knew of to get traffic to my affiliate website was via pay per click advertising.
The Secret Affiliate Weapon showed me so many new ways to advertise my affiliate products and now I've more than tripled my affiliate commissions.
Thanks Ewen for a great book!
- Cheryl Goh

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I've never had a product that has been so easy to promote and convert.

After working one bad, ugly, confusing opportunity after another. This has been the easiest and most straight forward to work with and understand. Talk about making sense to everyone!

Ewen went above and beyond on this entire package to make sure everyone wins! Even IF you never promote this product and sell a single copy, you WILL benefit from the contents with mind blowing success.

Once you make what should be a very easy decision...get ready for the avalanche of great things to come your way!
- Robert Wallace

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Ewen Chia's "Secret Affiliate Weapon" absolutely blew me away!
It's a truly powerful system which teaches you everything you need to know about how to become a super affiliate.
If you're trying to succeed in the world of Internet marketing as an affiliate, then this is something you NEED. Well done Ewen on a fantastic product!

- Fiona Shearer-Hann
Hi All, I just wanted to pass on how much I enjoyed the Affiliate Weapon course.
There is so much information in it, Ewen just over delivered once again.
If you really want to know how to start making real cash online, you better stop by and check it out.
- Len Cecchetto

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Hello Ewen! I would like to thank you for sharing your secret techniques with me. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that they work!!
By implementing just a few secrets, I made an extra $850 in just 48 hours.
That's all the proof I need :-) Thank you again for sharing!
- Boris Lindinger

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Thanks again Ewen, For the last 4 years I have been trying to make a living on the Internet, but never seem to get anywhere, just a dollar here and there…
But after studying Secretaffiliateweapon it's all starting to make sense, and I'm now starting to see some great results. Thanks again Ewen, you’re the man!
- Kevin Pritchard

What Are You Still Waiting For…
Secure Your LIFETIME Membership To “Secret Affiliate Weapon” For Just A *ONETIME* $9.97 Now While It’s Still Available!


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