The Littlest Christmas Angel HTML version

The Littlest Christmas Angel Michael J. Spoula 3
musical talents are minimal, your singing voice is squeaky at best. No, the choir is not the
place for you. The assignment I have for you is much more important then that. When
you hear the triumph played you will go to point 205 in the heavens. There you will hold
a small insignificant star steady in the heavens. You will remain there until summoned
back. Understood?”
Miguel was crushed. He hung his head and softly said, “I don’t understand. That star is as
far from heaven and the Joy of the being with the Father as you can get, and it is so small
that it hardly needs anyone to hold it up, a gentle breeze could blow it out. Am I being
Michael was close to anger now as he said, “Perhaps you are too young to do this task. If
you are not up to it, Little Mike, I can find another. I only ask why are you questioning
the Father’s wisdom?”
Miguel was brought up short. “Oh, Michael, perish the thought of me questioning the
Father or even you. Of course I shall gladly do what you order. I will be the best star
steadier of all time.”
Michael smiled again and said, “I knew you would see it that way. Now off with you
young one.”
He left Michael’s side and spent the next nine months practicing holding stars steady.
Then one night he heard the sound he had been waiting for, the sound of the heavenly
choir beginning to play the Glory Song. Without another thought, whoosh, he went to
the appointed star and with great love, he wrapped his little arms around it and with great
love held it very steady. Heaven was but a distant dot on the horizon of the universe but
the place where the humans dwelt was in plain view. He could faintly hear the heavenly