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The Littlest Christmas Angel Michael J. Spoula 2
was in charge, the choir would sound even better then it does now! One of the choir
angels, just slightly older then Miguel, floated over and smiled lovingly at Little Mike.
The angel, not unkindly, told him to be off, that he was singing flat. Humph! Miguel
thought, what does he know, he obviously does not know good music when he hears it.
But he realized he was keeping Michael the Archangel waiting, this was not a good thing.
He scurried along and soon he arrived outside of what humans might call the Great Hall,
the place where the Father was. At the ornate golden door stood Michael, his shining
golden spear in his hand. This was the very spear he had used to defeat the disobedient
angels so many eons ago. The Archangel caught site of Miguel and he smiled warmly at
the young angel. Miguel immediately felt at ease in the presence of Michael. Michael
“Well, Little Mike, are you ready to do your duty?”
Miguel swallowed, stood to attention and said, “The Father commands, I obey.”
“Good. I had to really do some talking to get you this job. Some say that you are too
young to do it properly. After all two thousand earth years is but a moment in the
presence of God. I said anyone named after me has to be strong and tough enough to do
this job to the glory of God. So, reluctantly at my urging, the committee approved you to
be the one. I hope you appreciate the assignment.” Michael stopped talking for a
moment. Miguel took this as his cue.
“Yes sir, I will be happy to take over the lead of the Heavenly Choir. I knew my talent
would be recognized eventually. I will work hard and the choir will sing better and
better each day. Thank you for the chance and for such an important assignment.”
Michael roared with laughter. “You, lead the heavenly choir! I think not young one. Your