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The Littlest Christmas Angel Michael J. Spoula 1
The Littlest Christmas Angel By Michael J. Spoula
The Archangel Michael, chief of all the Angels had summoned him. When Michael
called, you listened. Of course being an angel obeying was the natural thing to do, you
could think of nothing else to do. Yet, Michael never summoned an angel to his presence
without some serious purpose. Miguel, known to the others as “Little Mike” trembled a
bit. Yet he was happy in spirit at the summons. He knew that he was about to be given a
very important assignment. Over the last two thousand years (as humans counted time)
the angels had been preparing for some very important event. He had been told that he
would play some part in it, as would all of the heavenly host. Gabriel, the Father’s special
messenger, had even gone to earth and spoke in person to one of the humans, her name
was Mary. Now Miguel did not know what the conversation was about, but because of
all the activity he knew The Father was going to do a wonderful, marvelous, miraculous
work and he, Little Mike, was going to play a major role in it. He thought that maybe he
would be set among the choir of angels that had been practicing singing triumphs and
glory songs over the last hundred years or so. Perhaps his exceptional musical gift had
been finally recognized and he would be placed as director of the heavenly choir! He felt
unworthy but he knew he would accept the assignment humbly. As he traveled to the
place where Michael awaited he passed the huge hall where the Angelic Choir was in
rehearsal. He heard the words, “Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of
goodwill.” He took up the song and even embellished the counterpoint a bit. Once he