The Light in the Darkness HTML version

"I surely am important," Lucifer thought to himself. "The Lord choose
ME. Of all the angels there is, He choose ME."
He took his position behind the throne and smiled secretly to himself. As he
moved the light reflected from the precious stones in his garment, sardius,
topaz, diamond, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, emerald and gold.
The light from these stones caused his presence to be encompassed with a
brilliance of light.
"Come!" He called to the musician angels.
The sweetest symphony of sound filled the Throne room. The music blended
into one as Lucifer skillfully lead the angels through its
various tones and pitch. "This new song still needs a little work," he thought.
The rest of the angels listen in rapt silence as the song near its end.
The angels respond in one accord, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; The
whole earth is full of His glory!"
Lucifer left his post as the 'Covering Angel' after he instructed his angels to
keep the music alive in the heavens.
He arrived at the surface and glided across the surface, inspecting the planet.
He was followed by a contingent of lesser angels.
"The beauty of creation can be seen everywhere," he commented to
one of his followers.
"Holy is the Lord," the angel responded.
"We need to teach the inhabitants the ways of praise and worship,"
Lucifer announced.
"And about the Lord," another angel responded.
"Yes.....Yes of course," Lucifer answered.
In the course of time the inhabitants were instructed in the building of
sanctuaries. The planet was like a green garden with plenty of water. In one of
these lush areas Lucifer set up camp. Years went by and a
system of sanctuaries were set up around the globe. They were placed
strategically in densely populated areas. The praise and worship songs filled
the air.
Lucifer frequently visits the heavenly realm. He kept a firm grip on the music
and the songs of praise. While participating in a song of rare beauty, extolling
the name of the Lord, Lucifer
felt a strange stirring in his breast. It felt like a great drawing together and at
the same time pulling him apart. He could not remember the end of the song.
He left the heavenly realm back to earth to try to discover what went wrong.
"All those songs should be for me," he thought. "Am I not the creator of
those songs? I will change the songs," he decided.