The Light in the Darkness HTML version

"To test Our creation it was necessary to follow the present path that
lead up to events that will unfold in the far future. The angels are already in
their test period."
Elohim stretched out His hand and around a small insignificant star a clump of
rock began to change. Due to the pull of gravity an atmosphere developed
around the rocky surface. The angels gathered around and watched as the
planet cool down. Volcano's and earthquakes rippled across the surface. They
watched in awe the changing spectacle as the earth settled. Again Elohim
spoke a word and the seeds of life settled in the unstable surface.
The atmosphere consisting of various unfriendly elements caused heavy
thunderstorms. It rained acid rain which changed the face of the mountains.
The first life form, called bacteria, began their life cycle. The green mosses
released oxygen into the atmosphere. Before their stunned eyes the planet
took on a more friendly environment. The angels watched in silence as Elohim
brought into existence life, and life in abundance.
"Angels! Attend!" The voice rang out with authority. The Lord waited patiently
as the angels gathered about His throne.
"I wondered what the Lord planned to do next?" Gabriel asked. He was
one of the three Archangels in the heavenly realm.
"Just look at Lucifer, behind the Throne, He is truly like his name suggests,
shining more brightly than the stars." He turned to look at Michael.
"Yes, Gabriel, you are right," Michael answered, "the Lord's creation is
filled with beauty."
"Shhh...., the Lord is speaking," Gabriel whispered.
The Lord got up from His throne and pointed to a lush blue planet.
"The planet below us need to be tended," the Lord began. "I have
decided to place Lucifer in charge of maintaining the planet and to rule over it's
inhabitants." The Lord gazed into the distance and a sad expression crossed
His face.
"He is looking into the future again," Gabriel whispered.
The Lord turned towards Lucifer and looked at him intently.
"You accept the responsibility?"
"Yes, my Lord, I do," Lucifer answered and smiled.
"Very well, then," the Lord returned to His throne.