The Light in the Darkness HTML version

A titanic explosion ripped through the point of matter. In this point was
concentrated all dimensions, all matter and, in short, everything that exists
now. At a velocity close to the speed of light this new budding universe spread
in all directions. Elohim looked at the spreading wave and nodded in approval.
"That is well," He remarked to the other two Persons of the Trinity.
"Time has begun," the Second Person said. "The dimension of cause and
effect will be useful."
Elohim, filling all and everything, looked, from the dimension of time, at the
"We will create, although the fate of our creation is already determined.
We saw the end and not much We can do about it. If We are to abide by Our
own righteousness and justice We would have to let the creation decide for
Angels were created and they numbered in the billions. Three of them received
a position higher than the rest and these were called archangels. The most
beautiful of them all were called Lucifer - the Shining One. He stood behind the
Throne and led the music in heaven.
Millions of years passed and nothing much happened as the wave continued
to spread. The concentration of various elementary particles dropped
significantly and the temperature dropped to nearly the same level as it is
"We are ready," Elohim announced.
Galaxies and stars formed. The emission of particles clumped together to form
the heavier elements, necessary for life.
"I have a particular star in mind," the Second Person of the Trinity
announced, "about two thirds from the center of that galaxy over there. I see
the planets has already cooled down sufficiently. For Our purpose the third
planet will be suitably. From here the inhabitants will eventually discover the
secrets of the universe. I will delight in their joy of new discoveries. It will be a
pleasurable experience indeed to experience their emotions with them."
"They will reject You," the Third Person of the Trinity stated.
"It will be, but for a moment."
"The Cross will be necessary, then."
"Yes, that has already been determined, even before the beginning."