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The Light Side of Corrections: Federal Prison Camp

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Published: 2 years ago

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When people think of prison, many images come to mind, few of them reassuring. I wish to alert readers to another side of prison. A side where fights and shanks are not par for the course. Welcome to the Federal Prison Camp (FPC). "The Light Side of Corrections" is a disorganized collection of lame jokes and observations. It is labeled a "Non-Fiction Tutorial" because I wish to convey one simple lesson for anyone curious: calm down. The worst thing is hard water in the shower and expensive commissary. I am NOT typical "prison-tough material." I have no sense (or desire) to play politics, to threaten or bribe. While I maintain a workout, I am in good shape by the standards of a suburb, not a prison. You might go mad from thick-as-syrup boredom. Other than that, the danger is slim.


Stanley Dragomirov

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