The Life of Jose Rizal: Philippine Patriot HTML version

To the Philippine Youth
The subject of Doctor Rizal's first prize-winning poem was The Philippine Youth, and its
theme was "Growth." The study of the growth of free ideas, as illustrated in this book of
his lineage, life and labors, may therefore fittingly be dedicated to the "fair hope of the
Except in the case of some few men of great genius, those who are accustomed to
absolutism cannot comprehend democracy. Therefore our nation is relying on its young
men and young women; on the rising, instructed generation, for the secure establishment
of popular self-government in the Philippines. This was Rizal's own idea, for he said,
through the old philosopher in "Noli me Tangere," that he was not writing for his own
generation but for a coming, instructed generation that would understand his hidden
Your public school education gives you the democratic view-point, which the genius of
Rizal gave him; in the fifty-five volumes of the Blair-Robertson translation of Philippine
historical material there is available today more about your country's past than the entire
contents of the British Museum afforded him; and you have the guidance in the new
paths that Rizal struck out, of the life of a hero who, farsightedly or providentially, as you
may later decide, was the forerunner of the present regime.
But you will do as he would have done, neither accept anything because it is written, nor
reject it because it does not fall in with your prejudices-study out the truth for yourselves.