The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller HTML version

publication–The two prefaces–Reception of ’The Robbers’–A stage-version
prepared for Dalberg–Changes in the stage-version–P opularity of
the play–Medicus and poet–The ’Anthology’ of 1782–Character
of Schiller’s youthful verse–V arious poems considered–The songs
to Laura–Poetic promise of the ’Anthology’–Journalistic
enterprises–Schiller as a critic of himself–Quarrel with Duke
Karl–The Swiss imbroglio–The duk e implacable–Flight from Stuttgart.
The Conspiracy of Fiesco at Genoa
General characterization–The historical Fiesco–Influence of
Rousseau–The conflicting authorities–Fact and fiction in the play–Not
really a republican tragedy–Character of Fiesco–Of Verrina–Schiller’s
vacillation–Fiesco’s inconsistency–Lack of historic al lucidity–The
changed conclusion–Weak and strong points–Fiesco and the Moor–The
female characters–Extravagant diction.
The Fugitive in Hiding
Reception at Mannheim–A n elocutionary failure–’Fiesco’ rejected by
Dalberg–Refuge sought in Bauerbach–A new friend–Relations
with outside world–Interest in Lotte von Wolzogen–Lit erary
pro jects and employments–Beginnings of ’Don Carlos’–Friendly
overtures from Dalberg–Work upon ’Louise Miller’–Jealousy and
resignation–Flutterings of the heart–Departure from Bauerbac h
with new play completed.
Cabal and Love
General characterization–Englis h Beginnings of bourgeois
tragedy–’Miss Sara Sampson’–Development of the tragedy
of social conflict–Love in the age of sentiment alism–Rousseau
and the social conflict–Wagner and Lenz–Diderot’s ’Father
of the Family’–Gemmingen’s ’Head of the House’–E volution
of Schiller’s plan–Debt to predecessors–Hints from Wagner
and Lessing and ’Siegwart’–Weakness of the tragic conclusion–Character
of Louise–Her religious sentimentalism–Fearsomeness–Lack of
mother-wit–A cold heroine–Character of Ferdinand–Sentimental
extravagance–Father and son–Prot otypes of President von Walter.
Theat er poet in Mannheim
Mannheim in 1783–Dalberg and his theater–The situation on Schiller’s
arrival–Letter to Frau von Wolzogen–Contract with Dalberg–Illness and
disappointments–Pecuniary troubles–’Fiesco’ on the stage–Triumph of
’Cabal and Love’–Critical notices–Discourse on the theater–Contract
with Dalberg not renewed–Disappointments and distractions–Relations to
women–Charlotte von Kalb–The poems ’Resignation’ and ’Radicalism of
Passion’–A friendly message from Leipzig–Pro ject of the Rhenish
Thalia –Honored by the Duke of Weimar–Unhappiness and longing for
friendship–Escape from Mannheim.
The Boon of Friendship
Gottfried K¨orner and the Stock sisters–Huber–Schiller’s arrival in
Leipzig–A propos al of marriage–So journ at Gohlis–Schiller and
K¨orner–An enthusiastic letter–Kᄄorner’s helpfulness–With the new