The Life and Letters of Darwin, Volume 2 HTML version

Appendix IV. Honours, Degrees, Societies, Etc.
(The list has been compiled from the diplomas and letters in my father's possession, and
is no doubt incomplete, as he seems to have lost or mislaid some of the papers received
from foreign Societies. Where the name of a foreign Society (excluding those in the
United States) is given in English, it is a translation of the Latin (or in one case Russian)
of the original Diploma.)
ORDER.--Prussian Order, 'Pour le Merite.' 1867.
OFFICE.--County Magistrate. 1857.
Cambridge: B.A. 1831 [1832]. See volume i. M.A. 1837. Hon. LL.D. 1877.
Breslau: Hon. Doctor in Medicine and Surgery. 1862.
Bonn: Hon. Doctor in Medicine and Surgery. 1868.
Leyden: Hon. M.D. 1875.
Zoological. Corresponding Member. 1831. (He afterwards became a Fellow of the
Society.) Entomological. 1833, Original Member. Geological. 1836. Wollaston Medal,
1859. Royal Geographical. 1838. Royal. 1839. Royal Medal, 1853. Copley Medal, 1864.
Linnean. 1854. Ethnological. 1861. Medico-Chirurgical. Hon. Member. 1868. Baly
Medal of the Royal College of Physicians, 1879.
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1865. Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, 1826. Hon.
Member, 1861. Royal Irish Academy. Hon. Member, 1866. Literary and Philosophical
Society of Manchester. Hon. Member, 1868. Watford Natural History Society. Hon.
Member, 1877. Asiatic Society of Bengal. Hon. Member, 1871. Royal Society of New
South Wales. Hon. Member, 1879. Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand.
Hon. Member, 1863. New Zealand Institute. Hon. Member, 1872.
Sociedad Cientifica Argentina. Hon. Member, 1877. Academia Nacional de Ciencias,
Argentine Republic. Hon. Member, 1878. Sociedad Zoologica Arjentina. Hon. Member,
1874. Boston Society of Natural History. Hon. Member, 1873. American Academy of
Arts and Sciences (Boston). Foreign Hon. Member, 1874. California Academy of