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The Basic Investment Guide

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A note from the author

My purpose in writing this mini-ebook is not to pretend that I am an investment guru. I am not the best of the best, and I'm not trying to pass myself off as the best of the best. I am also not asking for your money for expert advice. I am studying and learning just as you are. My goal is to give you some basic easy-to-understand information that will help you gain a solid basis in investment, a starting point from which you will venture forth, prepared to become more of an expert than you ever imagined.

Your road to financial independence awaits.


Thanks for reading, Paul

Section 1 :
Why should I bother investing?

A lot of people put off investing for as long as they possibly can, coming up with all sorts of excuses and objections. I’d like to show you that there really is no excuse for neglecting your future. Let’s address some of the most common excuses and objections one by one."The future is a long way away. There’ll be plenty of time later to start investing".

The future may be a long way away, but the earlier you start investing, the more money you can make. A lot more. Even starting just a few years earlier, the power of compound interest will help your investments grow to tremendously higher levels. Let’s say a 20 year old starts putting away $100 a month, and continues to do so until he retires at age 65. At an interest rate of 10% (which is very realistically achievable), he will retire with almost $950,000. But let’s say you spend your 20’s just partying, and start investing at age 30. At the same interest rate, you’d retire with only $358,000. If you wanted to save as much as your friend who started investing at age 20, you’d have to save about $265 per month rather than $100! I don’t mean to scare you if you are in your 30’s, because it’s never too late. But obviously the sooner you start the less of a monthly burden you will have to bear, and the more your investments will grow over the years. Try playing around with the compound interest calculator at and see what you discover.

A lot of people, both young and old, ask me `Why should I bother investing? I can save money in the bank.` The reason is very simple: you can make more money from other investments. Stashing your money in the bank may be very safe and secure, and it may be easy, but the returns (the money you make) will always be pretty damn low. Your returns probably won`t even keep up with the rate of inflation, so by keeping your money in the bank you will actually lose money over time. That kind of eliminates the purpose of saving, doesn`t it?

There are ways to invest that are still not too risky but give returns much greater than your bank account. If you are planning to invest for your future, would you rather have 11% annual returns, or 5% annual returns in your bank account? For long term savings there is no reason to settle for 5%. The investment that offers average annual returns of 11% over time will fluctuate year-to-year, but unless you need the money right away, short term fluctuations should not concern you. If you might the need money in the very near future though, keeping it in your bank account may make more sense.
A lot of people, particularly young people, tell me that investing is boring or lame, or that it`s something that boring old suit-wearing white people do. I feel like smacking these people! Are you telling me that you are too cool to make money? You are too cool to wear brand-name clothes, have a nice car, a hot girlfriend in the passenger`s seat, and be on the guest list for exclusive parties? You are too cool to have power and influence? You are too cool to be in control of your own destiny and would rather be at the mercy of your boss? I didn`t think so! All of your favorite celebrities who act like they don`t give a you-know-what (because that image sells), in reality are focused and disciplined and have worked very hard to get where they are. You can, and should, do the same.
Now let’s get movin’!