The Law of Attraction Made Easy HTML version

The law of attraction is one such law. The law of attraction is the belief that
anyone can determine their destiny through the power of their minds.
"The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the
nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect
reflection of your habitual thinking." Joseph Murphy
The History of the Law of Attraction
Before we go too deep into the modern applications of the law of attraction it is
important that you understand that this is not simply New Age nonsense (most
descriptions of the law of attraction refer to it as a product of a New Age Mentality). The
principles of the law of attraction date back far beyond the new found popularity of the
New Age.
The immortal Buddha was actually one of the first to introduce man to the law of
attraction. He said, “What you have become is what you have thought.” This was a
principle that the people of the east were acquainted with for centuries before it began to
sweep into the western hemisphere.
The concept of karma also may have drawn its roots from the law of attraction.
Karma states that you will eventually be revisited by that which you have sent out into
the universe. If you have practiced kindness and compassion you will receive in kind. If
you have been deliberately cruel to another you will receive back into your life that
cruelty which you have sent out. Your actions and thoughts morph into physical entities,
causing the universe to react in kind.
The law of attraction began to gain popularity in the western hemisphere in the
19th century, as people began to appreciate the power of positive thinking and apply it to
their life. This new concept was first introduced to the general public by William Walker