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The Law of Attraction Made Easy

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Published: 5 years ago

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The Law of Attraction: Getting everything you want out of life through the power of your own mind. And let your thoughts determine your destiny. If you adhere carefully to the guidelines set forth in this eBook, you too will be able to unlock the power hidden within the depths of your own mind and chart the course for your own destiny.


This book contains very few 'new' techniques but rambles on far too long about the history or the Law of Attraction. I found I had to skim whole sections because they were not directly applicable to DOING. At best there are 2 pages of techniques in this book and they are all re-hashes of ideas from a slew of well known authors (ie. N. Hill, The Secret, etc).


This is a really good book specially if you're looking for ways to motivate oneself without involving religion, i would recommend it for anyone who needs guidance to a better life.


Amy Wells

Amy is a passionate advocate for effective skin care products. Visit her site to find out more about skin care solutions that work.

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